ICER showcases flexibility of FST biometrics for Dutch museum

FST Biometrics, a leading biometric identification solutions provider, today announced its cutting-edge In Motion Identification (IMID) technology has been adopted as a key experiential component for visitors of the ICER Innovation Center, a museum in the Netherlands showcasing the latest in manufacturing innovation and technology.

The museum chose to implement biometric identification as a demonstration of its own innovation.

“Here at the ICER Innovation Center, we want to paint an image of the world today through the art of technology. What better way than providing our visitors with a hands-on experience,” said Kees Nieuwenhuijse, Interim Director of ICER Innovation Center. “The deployment of the IMID checkpoints will uniquely demonstrate to our visitors the impact that innovation can play in their daily lives.”

Requiring a system that would be intuitive and easy-to-use for museum visitors, while also demonstrating how innovation can impact our lives, ICER selected FST Biometrics to provide its award-winning IMID technology.

Supported by Ensura Solutions BV, FST installed fifteen IMID checkpoints throughout the museum. Visitors are able to register as users before they begin their museum tour, then, when they pass through the interactive checkpoints, they gain valuable information about the museum exhibit, provided to them with personalization.

“We are privileged to have this wonderful opportunity to showcase our technology, and are particularly proud that the King and Queen of the Netherlands were among the first users of our system when they visited the museum,” said Arie Melamed, CMO of FST Biometrics. “Visitors might think our technology comes from ‘Tomorrowland,’ but this implementation is representative of how our technology is being applied today in the real world, by companies, schools, and global centers of business.”

To date, the ICER Museum has hosted more than 14,000 visitors, each of whom has had the option to experience the museum through FST Biometrics’ interactive IMID technology.

About FST Biometrics

FST Biometrics is a leading identity management solutions provider. The company’s IMID™ product line offers access control through its proprietary In Motion Identification technology. This provides the ultimate security and convenience for users, who are accurately identified without having to stop or slow down. IMID™ solutions integrate a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies that include face recognition, body behavior analytics and voice verification. 

About ICER Innovation Center

From an old foundry to an ultramodern innovation center, ICER presents the craftsmanship of a prior era and surprises with the latest technological developments. Old and new conspire with art to deliver a total experience. A spectacular multimedia show takes the visitor on a journey from iron and steel to the technologies of the future.

Within a hands-on museum incorporating facial recognition, themed frames, or cabinets, tie together every step in the artisanal casting process, from the past to the present, with innovations of the future. Visitors can apply old and new techniques in the work centers and in the FabLab with 3D printers and laser cutters. The artists’ studio offers workshops and courses.

About Ensura

In a world where security challenges and technologies are constantly changing, Ensura recognizes the need for a provider that can be trusted to design and deliver security solutions that work. Our flagship solutions are Ensura Command & Control and FST Biometrics’ In Motion Identification solution.