IDEX Launches Fingerprint Sensor for Contactless Smart Cards

IDEX is launching a ground-breaking flexible, low power fingerprint sensor ready to be used in contactless cards operating with standard NFC terminals.

The sensor has state of the art power management which supports biometric card operation without a battery.

The sensor is specifically designed for proven standard mass production processes.

“The launch of our new low power sensor enables a new generation of commercially viable contactless biometric cards,” says Dr. Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX.

“This solution significantly expands our market opportunity driven by the convenience for consumers of using dual interface cards combined with biometrics and secures our position at the forefront of this large-scale opportunity.”

Dr Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX
Dr Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX

IDEX’s new fingerprint sensor is now sampling with a European top-tier card integrator.

In addition, IDEX has broadened customer engagement in response to strong interest and expects several major Asian card integrators to commence sampling during Q3 2017.

IDEX launched the world’s first flexible touch fingerprint sensor for ISO form factor cards, operating with standard contact based POS readers, in February 2016.

The new low power card sensor, building on the recently launched ASIC and leveraging the company’s unique and patented off-chip technology, is a result of extensive research, development and implementation experience.

With a silicon footprint of 1/8 of a comparable 100 sq mm silicon sensor, the sensor offers a huge cost advantage without compromising a large sensing area to deliver a strong user experience.

The sensor is inherently flexible, as it is made of polymer, complying with ISO standards for card mechanical robustness and leveraging an established mass volume packaging ecosystem.

The new ASIC is using TSMC’s advanced foundry processes to deliver unmatched power management and enhanced performance.

The architecture contains digital intelligence with an on board ARM microcontroller enabling optimum systems partitioning for security and biometric performance in a highly resource constrained contactless card.

“We have collaborated with major global partners including Mastercard and OT-Morpho to create and qualify mass deployable biometric smart card solutions delivering world-class performance,” continued Dr Mardia.

“Following the positive reactions from users in trials in South Africa we have received significant interest across our target payment market and additional card verticals.”

“I see this a strong validation of our value proposition for fingerprint sensors for cards and a market-changing opportunity.”

Sampling of IDEX’s new sensor has commenced in the second quarter 2017 in line with previous communications, and is expected to be ready for volume production in the second half of 2017.

IDEX asaIDEX develops and sells advanced fingerprint sensor technology and products.

The company’s technology is used in a range of biometrically enabled applications within three core markets: Smart cards, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT). IDEX’s addressable market represents a fast-growing multi-billion unit opportunity.