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IrisAccess iCAM7000 Competes in 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Awards (Multi-Video)

IrisAccess® is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions of persons world-wide.

Iris ID, pioneers of iris recognition technologies for more than 20 years, is pleased to announce the IrisAccess® 7000 series has been nominated to compete in the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program.

Iris ID’s IrisAccess® 7000  continues to set the highest standard for performance and versatility for iris recognition.

Whether you are looking for a single biometric identification solution that leads the industry, or a multi-factor verification solution that works with cards, card readers or keypad solutions, the IrisAccess platform will meet your needs.

(Learn More. Courtesy of Iris ID and YouTube)

Enterprise organizations have been utilizing iris recognition to protect high value physical assets such as people, facilities, equipment and inventory for decades.

However, innovative leaders are increasing looking to advanced identity authentication options to secure sensitive data residing on servers, both locally and on the cloud.

Iris recognition technology is now bridging the divide between physical and information realms, to offer truly end-to-end integrated solutions.

Iris ID is a proven and reliable asset to access control, which combined with surveillance cameras and intrusion detection systems, help to keep unauthorized people out of secure locations.

Within the information realm, the latest Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards containing smart chips with employees’ photos, fingerprints, PINs and  are a big step forward, but vulnerabilities still exist, from lost or stolen cards, pins or fingerprint spoofing.

Identity verification based on a person’s iris offers that bridge.

Imagine this scenario:

  • As an employee arrives at work she looks into an iris reader.
  • The system recognizes her in the database and instructs the access control system to open the door.
  • Inside, an iris reader integrates with the elevator operating system to make sure the employee gets to her restricted floor.
  • There’s another reader directly outside her office to confirm her identity and proper authorization.
  • Finally, one more iris reader integrated with software on her work station ensures only she can access the computer and its data.

By using an iris for identity authentication, the need for employees to remember and frequently change passwords can be eliminated.

Employee credentials are easier to manage and security is improved.

Iris ID has begun demonstrating such an end-to-end system.

iris scan for security or identification. Eye with scanner and computer interfaceAnd are already working to provide a third-party solution to computer manufacturers looking to add another layer of security beyond what passwords and other biometrics provide.

What makes this door-to-computer system work is the uniqueness of the iris and the accuracy of iris-based identity authorization systems.

The iris, the colored part of the human eye surrounding the pupil, is like a snowflake –  each one is unique.

In fact, a subject’s left and right iris are as different from each other as they are from any other individual’s.

Even genetic twins have different iris patterns.

Studies have shown iris recognition provides an unmatched false accept rate of 1 in 1.2 million events.

Nation’s leading chain of gyms use iris recognition readers at critical access points. "The technology provides faster and more reliable service than previous fingerprint scanners and access card systems," Bjorn Leifsson, World Class owner and managing director
Nation’s leading chain of gyms use iris recognition readers at critical access points. “The technology provides faster and more reliable service than previous fingerprint scanners and access card systems,” Bjorn Leifsson, World Class owner and managing director

Other biometrics, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, provide less accuracy and return far more “possible” matches requiring human interpretation.

Enterprise organizations requiring the highest level of identity authentication are integrating iris readers into their access systems.

These readers can be deployed in lieu of card readers or used along with them for added security.

Iris ID technology already integrates with leading access control platforms including Lenel’s OnGuard, Honeywell’s ProWatch and Software House’s C•CURE.

Integration has taken on added importance as multiple systems create multiple problems. Added stand-alone systems require more monitoring and maintenance.

That’s why enterprise users are looking for integrated systems to provide end-to-end solutions, such as the earlier example of an employee using iris recognition and the access control system for physical and logical access.

Another easy integration benefit comes from adding a time and attendance systemconnected to the iris readers.

The reports go directly to human resources, where software makes computing payroll more convenient.

It also eliminates a costly payroll fraud known as “buddy punching,” where one employee punches in or out for a friend not at work.

Iris recognition is being used around the world for many other uses such as border control, national IDs, healthcare enrollment and voter registration.

(Learn More. 60 minutes demonstrates Iris ID Systems CAM4000 for Advanced Iris Identity authentication at the high security Large Hadron Collider. Courtesy of 60 Minutes, Iris ID and YouTube. Posted on  Nov 9, 2015)

Other biometric providers may offer one or two of the components of a total solution.

But Iris ID has the technology to provide complete solutions.

As the industry leader, Iris ID will continue to push the boundaries making our iris recognition systems the ideal choice for any application requiring fast, simple-to-use and highly accurate identity authentication.

And here’s a bonus – these solutions are no longer just the stuff of spy movies or for use by secret government facilities.

The cost has dropped to the point the technology can be employed by virtually any organization, anywhere.

Iris ID’s biometric solutions provide highly accurate, non-contact identification by the iris of the eye from 14 inches away while delivering security, convenience, privacy and productivity to millions of people around the world.

The iCAM7000’s versatility and flexibility allows for easy integration with many Wiegand and network-based access control, time and attendance, visitor management and point of sale applications.

Engineering and design teams have further enhanced the intuitive user interface of the iCAM series with visual and audible prompts that provide the easiest, quickest and most accurate iris enrollment and identification.

A rapid auto-tilt capability further increases both speed and convenience with a simple touch or when combined with cards or PINs to adjust for height.

A face image can also be obtained during enrollment to streamline badging and visitor management applications while a space for an optional surveillance camera has also been incorporated.

A new iData™ software suite for access control, as well as SDKs and a development tool kit allow partners to build identity management applications which support several encryption alternatives, are FIPS201 compliant and include PKI support.

Experts also concede that the countermeasures built into the IrisAccess suite set the standard for the industry.

Every iris pattern is unique and stable for life and since there are more readily measurable characteristics in the iris, iris recognition is regarded to be the most accurate, fastest, and scalable option for both small and large scale biometric deployments.

Other biometric modalities such as fingerprint, hand, voice, vein and facial characteristics can often vary and change over time or with use conditions.

(Learn More about the iCAM7000 series. The newest generation in the iCAM series and completely compatible with the prior iCAM4000 series solution deployed worldwide. Courtesy of Iris ID and YouTube.)

System Configuration

The IrisAccess system consists of iData EAC (Entry Access Control) Software & proprietary hardware that pairs specifically with our software suite.

Several hardware components can be used: iCAM4000 series, ICU4000 series, iCAM7000 series and functional operational mode options can be used.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication can be easily set by using a combination of EAC software, iCAM7100 with built in keypad and leveraging a third party Physical Access Control System (PACS) that can support Card + PIN as an authentication mode.

The result is authentication by Card + Iris + PIN.

All iCAM models can be used with preinstalled external readers that output Wiegand to offer 2 and 3 factor authentication solutions.

Specific settings can be found in the iCAM7000 series user guide under multi-factor authentication options.

3 Factor Authentication: iCAM7100 with PACS System (PACS PIN)

2 Factor Authentication: iCAM7100 without PACS System (Local PIN)

Iris ID, is also integrating the company’s face and iris cameras into the Mentalix Fed Submit suite of live scan solutions.

Iris ID’s IrisAccess™cameras are now available with Mentalix Fed Submit live scan stations, operating alongside standard fingerprint scanners so iris information may be shared with the FBI as part of its NGI (Next Generation Identification) program.

Iris ID’s IrisAccess™ iCAM R100
Iris ID’s IrisAccess™ iCAM R100

With Fed Submit it’s possible for agencies to access the FBI’s iris database, as well as create and grow their own local iris archive.

The iCAM R100 performs high-speed dual iris capture and outputs high quality ISO standards compliant images. Both eyes can be simultaneously captured.

While fingerprints can be altered intentionally or worn down by jobs in industries such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing, iris patterns remain unchanged through a person’s life.

The iris solution is also contactless, unlike fingerprint pads which need to be wiped clean after each use.

Integrated Technology works with FBI iris database
Integrated Technology works with FBI iris database

Dale Remmers, the chief technology officer of Mentalix, said the Iris ID technology was selected for its speed and accuracy in capturing iris data.

Remmers said law enforcement clients may also use the iris scan feature of the Mentalix Fed Submit system to authenticate the identity of suspects being released from jail

Mohammed Murad, vice president global sales and business development, Iris ID, said the Mentalix partnership is another example of how Iris ID’s technology is being used to assist law enforcement officials.

“Our IrisAccess™cameras add a valuable dimension to the Fed Submit kiosks” he said.

“The Mentalix solution will make it easier – and faster – for local officials to know who is being booked and released from their facilities.”

Mohammed Murad
Mohammed Murad, VP of global development and sales at Iris ID, the world leader in iris recognition platform deployment

IrisAccess®, now in its sixth generation, authenticates the identities of millions of people in thousands of locations on six continents.

Iris ID technology is also being used by governments around the world to authentication at border crossings, national ID and voter registration efforts and by corporations large and small for access control and time and attendance applications.

More organizations rely on IrisAccess identity authentication than all other iris recognition products combined.

Iris ID’s expertise and Advanced Identity Authentication helps add security, convenience, privacy and productivity to any enterprise operation.

Iris ID Competes in 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

AST focuses on Homeland Security and Public Safety Breaking News, the Newest Initiatives and Hottest Technologies in Physical & IT Security, essential to meeting today’s growing security challenges.

2017 ASTORSThe 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, is organized to recognize the most distinguished vendors of Physical, IT, Port Security, Law Enforcement, Border Security, First Responders, (Fire, EMT, Military, Support Services Vets, SBA, Medical Tech) as well as the Federal, State, County and Municipal Government Agencies – to acknowledge their outstanding efforts to ‘Keep our Nation Secure, One City at a Time.

As an ‘ASTORS’ competitor, the IrisAccess® 7000 series will be competing against the industry’s leading providers of Innovative Biometric Reader Solutions.

To Learn More about the ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, see 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winners Honored at ISC East.

The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon
The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Presentation Luncheon

Over 100 distinguished guests from National, State and Local Governments, and Industry Leading Corporate Executives from companies allied to Government, gathered from across North America and the Middle East to be honored from disciplines across the Security Industry in their respective fields which included representatives from:

  • 2018 ASTORSThe Department of Homeland Security(DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • The Department of Justice
  • The Security Exchange Commission
  • State and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Leaders in Private Security

American Security Today will be holding the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Luncheon to honor Nominees, Finalists and Winners on November 14, 2018 at ISC East 2018 in New York City.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards at https://americansecuritytoday.com/ast-awards/.

Good luck to Iris ID on becoming a Winner of the 2018 American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

Iris IDClick here to Learn More how the IrisAccess platform can meet your physical and information security needs.

Or visit the Iris ID homepage to view their full line of products, technologies and applications at www.irisid.com.

For ‘ASTORS’ Sponsorship Opportunities and More Information on the AST 2018 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, please contact Michael Madsen, AST Publisher at: mmadsen@americansecuritytoday.com or call 732.233.8119 (mobile) or 646-450-6027 (office).