Larson Electronics Releases Explosion Proof Solar-Powered Siren

Larson Electronics introduces a brand-new explosion proof solar powered siren that is both weatherproof and dustproof, for use in explosion proof locations where hazardous conditions are present.

The SPEPSN-HRN-PA is a solar powered explosion proof horn that provides operators with a powerful alert/signal system that can be heard over the loud day to day operation of industrial machinery and can withstand the demanding conditions present in wet and marine locations.

(Learn  More about Larson Electronics offerings for demanding conditions, courtesy of the company and YouTube)

This explosion proof horn has 8 different tones that can be remotely operated and switched on during priority alerts, reaching a peak output of 110dBA.

Tones (Selectable by switch on sound module):

  1. Continuously running train of eight sounds in sequence
  2. Wail – conventional siren
  3. Yelp – rapid siren
  4. Two-tone
  5. Whoop – ascending low to high
  6. Yeow – descending high to low
  7. Horn – Steady
  8. Beep – slow intermittent horn
  9. Stutter – rapid intermittent horn
  10. Remote-Enables remote selection of: (7) – Horn (4) – Two tone – alternating (3) – Yelp – rapid siren (1) – Wail – manual siren

The siren’s housing is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum with a durable weather-proof grey powder coat for maximum resistance to corrosion in wet environments and NEMA4x rated.

The horn itself is made of fiberglass for thermal and structural advantages.

The included 30 watt solar panel is also weatherproof, and efficiently soaks up enough sun light to recharge the siren’s battery in 5 hours, great for locations where constant power sources are not readily available.

  • It is built to operate 24/7 and day/night with a photocell.
  • It includes a security motion sensor and on/off manual switch, and can connect to operator provided switches with flying leads.
  • An LED light is activated at night when lighting falls below 1 lux and a lead acid battery pack is sealed within the solar panel.
  • This explosion proof siren can be mounted on flat surfaces, as well as square and round poles.

“Working in remote locations where constant power sources are scarce makes it difficult to maintain an effective emergency signal system,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics.

“This solar powered explosion proof siren is an ideal option for operators who need a powerful alert system in marine or harsh, wet environments, and don’t have access to a continuous energy source.”

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