Law Enforcement Officers Select TASER Smart Weapons (Video)

Axon has received multiple new orders for its TASER X26P and TASER X2 Smart Weapons.

These orders were received in the second quarter 2017 and are anticipated to ship in the second and third quarters of 2017.

Rick Smith, co-founder and CEO of TASER
Rick Smith, co-founder and CEO of TASER

“These domestic and international Smart Weapon orders are a crucial part of our business focus,” says Rick Smith, CEO and co-founder of Axon.

“Many of these agencies are long time users of TASER weapons that have proven to reduce injuries to suspects and officers time and time again.”

“We commend their continuing commitment to a world where every officer has the best technology and training to minimize the chance of a deadly encounter,” concluded Smith.

(See in Action. Courtesy of AXON and YouTube)

Law Enforcement Agency’s Depending on AXON Include:

  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (CA): 1,000 X2s, Officer Safety Program (OSP)
  • Alaska State Troopers (AK): 120 X2s
  • Aurora Police Department (CO): 110 X26Ps
  • Arizona State University Police Department (AZ): 100 X2s, TASER Assurance Plan (TAP)
  • Blount County Sheriffs Office (TN): 130 X26Ps
  • California Highway Patrol (CA): 2500 X2s
  • Chattanooga Police Department  (TN): 400 X2s, TASER 60
  • Cicero Police Department (IL): 100 X26Ps, TASER 60
  • Danville Police Department (VA): 136 X26Ps, OSP
  • Delaware State Police (DE): 116 X26Ps
  • Indian River County Sheriff’s Office (FL): 249 X2s
  • International Order: 100 X26Ps
  • International Order: 100 X26Ps and 25 X2s
  • International Order: 130 X26Ps
  • International Order: 187 X2s and 28 X26Ps
  • International Order: 100 X2s and 50 X26Ps
  • International Order: 400 X26Ps
  • International Order: 540 X2s
  • International Order: 800 X26Ps
  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (MO): 100 X2s, TASER 60
  • Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA): 100 X26Ps
  • Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office (GA): 124 X2s (OSP)
  • Maui Police Department (HI): 250 X2s TASER 60
  • Mesa Police Department (AZ): 827 X2s, (477 under TASER 60 and 350  under OSP renewal)
  • Mesquite Police Department (TX): 200 X2s, TASER 60
  • New Castle County Police Department (DE): 201 X26Ps, TASER 60
  • New Haven Police (CT): 260 X26Ps, OSP
  • New York City Department of Homeless Services Police Department (NY): 350 X26Ps with 192 TASER CAM HD recorders
  • Orange County Probation Department (CA): 150 X26Ps
  • Oregon State Police (OR): 150 X2s, TAP
  • Peel Regional Police Service (ON, Canada): 200 X2s
  • Philadelphia Police Department (PA): 450 X26Ps
  • San Diego Police Police Department (CA): 200 X26Ps
  • San Jose Police Department (CA): 200 X26Ps
  • Santa Ana Police Department (CA): 200 X2, OSP
  • Sarasota Police Department (FL): 165 X2s, TASER 60
  • Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (WA): 231 X26Ps, TASER 60
  • Suffolk County Police Department (NY): 250 X26Ps
  • US Federal Agency: 120 X26Ps
  • Washington Metropolitan Police Department (DC): 100 X2s, TASER 60



The TASER 60 is a new 5-year annual payment plan that integrates warranty coverage for an agency’s current TASER Smart Weapons, as well as on-site spares so officers experience zero downtime.

The yearly payment plan allows for reliable budget line items during a 5-year period and are available with various coverage

The Axon network is a network of devices, apps and people that helps law enforcement become smarter and safer. Our mission is to protect life.

Our technologies give law enforcement the confidence, focus and time they need to keep their communities safe.

Axon Body Worn Cameras

Our products impact every aspect of an officer’s day-to-day experience:

In the field

  • Our Smart Weapons offer a less-lethal intermediate use of force response and our body-worn and in-car cameras collect video evidence to capture the truth of an incident; and our mobile applications enable simple evidence collection.

At the station

  • Our secure, cloud-based digital evidence management solution allows officers and command staff to  manage, review, share and process digital evidence using forensic,  redaction, transcription, and other tools.

In the courtroom

  • Our solutions for prosecutors make collaborating across jurisdictions and agencies easy so  that cases can be resolved quickly.

(Digital evidence is a tool with unprecedented potential for prosecution, but real implications for evidence management. That’s why we’ve made available to prosecutors as well as law enforcement. Courtesy of AXON and YouTube)

AXON works hard for those who put themselves in harm’s way for all of us.

To date, there are more than 100,000 licensed users from around the world and more than 184,000 lives and countless dollars have been saved with the Axon network of devices, apps and people.