Leveraging Mass Alerting Technology in Correctional Facilities (Video)

Regroup Mass Notification, is launching new service initiatives for correctional facilities throughout the United States.

Regroup’s high-performing, fully redundant notification solutions help correctional facilities unify mass communication technologies into one powerful, cloud-based platform that is unaffected by adverse local conditions.

Rapid one-click alerting to mobile phones, pagers, PA systems, digital and highway signage — and much more — improves both staff safety as well as the safety of citizens in neighboring communities.

(Learn More. Listen to what some of Regroup’s clients have to say about them! Courtesy of Regroup and YouTube)

And, Regroup’s encrypted mobile app with advanced push notification technology allows for effective, on-the-fly collaboration between onsite teams and outside agencies.

Chris Utah, COO of Regroup
Chris Utah, COO of Regroup

Regroup provides a comprehensive set of third-party integrations, APIs and database integrations that create a more redundant, fail-proof mass communication system that results in better, more efficient day-to-day operations and improved response times to critical events.

“We know from our work with thousands of clients over the last decade that unified communications improve both daily operations and the efficiency of response efforts to critical events,” states Chris Utah, COO of Regroup.

“In a correctional facility environment, there’s no margin for error. The implications of falling short when it comes to a critical response could be measured in lives.”

Regroup“This is why administrators who understand the risks turn to Regroup for their mass communications needs.”

To learn more about Regroup’s leading-edge features and how they benefit correctional facilities, download this guide.