Lieberman in AST Homeland Security Awards (Video)

Today’s advanced cyber threats present a serious challenge for homeland security. They bypass perimeter security and covertly infiltrate networks, exploit vulnerabilities to move between systems, and extract sensitive data at will.

Enterprise Random Password ManagerTM (ERPM) is a Proactive Cyber Defense Platform that protects organizations against malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated cyber attacks – on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.

More than 1,400 organizations worldwide – including government agencies and system integrators – deploy ERPM, Lieberman Software’s privileged identity management platform, to reduce their risk exposure by automating the process of discovering, securing and auditing privileged account vulnerabilities in the enterprise.

(Next generation firewalls, intrusion detection systems and the like are potent deterrents against known dangers. But when it comes to advanced zero day threats and targeted phishing attacks, perimeter security is ineffective.The bad guys always seem to get in. Learn More, courtesy of Lieberman and YouTube)

ERPM solves a common problem facing most organizations – the need to continuously change privileged accounts credentials faster than attackers can exploit them – to substantially mitigate the damage of inevitable cyber attacks.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Lieberman Software helps government agencies better verify their compliance with regulatory mandates such as CAG, FISMA/NIST, FIPS, NERC and others by auditing privileged account activity.

This includes logging privileged access to systems, network devices, databases, cloud platforms and applications – detailing who on the IT staff had access to systems with sensitive data, at what time and for what stated purpose.

Security Solutions for the Federal Government

ERPM has a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the US Army, and a large base of federal customers. ERPM is also developed solely in the USA – and supported by US-based personnel.

ERPM delivers automation at scale to accommodate the largest, most complex federal agencies and worldwide enterprises. ERPM can change privileged credentials on 2000 machines per minute per node – with the ability to easily scale up by adding nodes.

No other privileged identity management solution is as fast nor as automated as ERPM.

Next Generation Cyber Security

ERPM How it Works

ERPM arms organizations with the proactive cyber defense capabilities they need to cope with the reality of the porous network perimeter.

It works by continuously discovering and tracking privileged accounts on cross-platform networks, automatically providing each account with unique and frequently changing credentials.

ERPM ensures that powerful privileged identities are only available to audited users on a temporary, delegated basis – preventing unauthorized and anonymous access to systems with sensitive data.

With ERPM, even if an attacker steals a privileged credential, that credential cannot be leveraged to leapfrog from system to system, and anonymously steal sensitive data along the way.

ERPM secures privileged identities throughout the IT infrastructure, including super-user login accounts, service accounts, application credentials, SSH keys, and cloud identities on platforms including Azure Active Directory, Amazon AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace and

ERPM provides the industry-unique ability to automatically find and document privileged identities throughout the network – including stale logins, unchanged passwords and accounts that the customer may not even know are there.

This prevents hackers and malicious insiders from exploiting unsecured privileged accounts to gain access to sensitive systems.

ERPM also offers rapid scalability to manage millions of accounts. That’s because a truly secure environment requires that all privileged identities on all systems be discovered and managed, despite the size of the agency/organization.

Lieberman ERPM

ERPM secures privileged identities throughout your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Super-user login accounts utilized by individuals to change configuration settings, run programs and perform other IT administrative duties
  • Service accounts that require privileged login IDs and passwords to run, with dependencies across systems in numerous locations
  • Application credentials used by web services, line-of-business applications and custom software to connect to databases, middleware and more
  • SSH Keys that never expire and are widespread throughout your infrastructure
  • Cloud identities on a wide range of platforms including Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Amazon AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace and

Lieberman Software’s philosophy is simple: cyber attackers use automation to find weaknesses. Only by employing automated cyber security can you find and repair vulnerabilities faster than hackers can exploit them.

(Learn More, from Jonathan Sander, VP of Lieberman Software telling Trilogy Tech Talk how they provide the most complete and scalable privileged access bastion platform for secure program launch. Courtesy of Trilogy Tech Talk and YouTube)

Cyber Threats are a Serious Issue

Nearly all security breaches stem from stolen credentials or compromised accounts.

No security or identity infrastructure is complete without a solution that automatically identifies and secures vulnerable privileged accounts.

Keep your organization, data, and customers safe with ERPM.

Lieberman Software Corporation

Lieberman Software blocks cyber attacks that bypass conventional enterprise defenses and penetrate the network perimeter. The company provides award-winning privileged identity management and security management products.

By automatically securing privileged access – both on-premises and in the cloud – Lieberman Software controls access to systems with sensitive data, and defends against malicious insiders, zero day attacks and other advanced cyber threats.

Good luck to Lieberman on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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