LRAD Wins Two Platinum AST Homeland Security Awards (Video)

LRAD Corporation, the world’s leading provider of acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) and advanced mass notification systems, has announced that the LRAD 360X and the LRAD 100X have been honored by American Security Today (AST) with Platinum Awards respectively as ‘Best Mass Notification System’ and ‘Best Long Range Acoustic Hailing System.’ 

ASTOR Platinum AwardAST’s 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards recognize outstanding product development achievements and exciting technologies from the most distinguished vendors of physical, IT and port security, law enforcement and first responders that address the growing homeland security threats.

“We appreciate AST’s recognition of our flagship LRAD ONE VOICE® mass notification system and industry-leading, handheld AHD as ‘Best in Class’ solutions for homeland security,” commented Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of LRAD Corporation.

(See in Action. Courtesy of LRAD, BioAmerica Defense and YouTube)

“LRAD systems ensure warnings, critical notifications and lifesaving directions are clearly heard and understood during everyday public safety and homeland security operations and throughout emergency situations. 

Featuring proprietary LRAD ONE VOICE technology, the LRAD 360X delivers highly intelligible voice broadcasts and warning sirens with uniform 360° coverage up to 12 sq. kilometers from a single installation.

LRAD 360

The LRAD 360X uses advanced technology and superior intelligibility to deliver the mass notification industry’s highest Speech Transmission Index measurement, 0.95 out of 1.00.

The LRAD 100X is the leading handheld AHD for on-scene and tactical communications. In addition to being 20 – 30 decibels louder than bullhorns and vehicle-based P.A. systems, the LRAD 100X is also up to 6X louder and significantly more intelligible than other hailing devices of comparable size and weight.

(LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) – Combat Footage of Pittsburgh G-20 Protests courtesy of LRAD, Jeff Cushing’s Adventure Channel and YouTube)

LRAD 100X voice and warning tone broadcasts are clearly heard and understood over distances up to 600 meters. 

Using advanced technology and superior voice intelligibility, LRAD Corporation’s proprietary Long Range Acoustic Devices® and revolutionary ONE VOICE® mass notification systems safely hail and warn, inform and direct, prevent misunderstandings, determine intent, establish large safety zones, resolve uncertain situations, and save lives.


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LRAD systems are in service in more than 70 countries around the world in diverse applications including mass notification and public address, fixed and mobile defense deployments, homeland, border, critical infrastructure, maritime, oil & gas, and port security, public safety, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, asset protection, and wildlife control and preservation. 

Congratulations to LRAD Corporation on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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