LVMPD Use Secured Communications to Protect 300K on NYE (Video)

Over 300,000 revelers attending New Year’s Eve celebrations across Las Vegas were protected by Secured Communications’ encrypted messaging platform that allowed a dozen law enforcement and public safety agencies to coordinate with 52 hotels, including Stations Casinos, Caesars and MGM properties, and others.

“What’s unique about this system is its ability to allow any public safety agency or private company to quickly exchange critical information,” said Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

(Las Vegas police using new smarphone app to communicate throughout New Year’s Eve, courtesy of KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas and YouTube)

More than 50,000 encrypted voice, image, video and text messages were shared during the event. In addition to connecting disparate organizations, visual messaging augments the police radio network, which can be difficult to hear during large events.

This year, the Las Vegas New Year’s Eve celebration was assigned a Level 2 Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR) by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Rob Wilson, Founder & CEO, Secured Communications
Rob Wilson, Founder & CEO, Secured Communications

Only the Super Bowl merits a higher risk classification. This designation provides additional federal support for security and safety, and these agencies also had access to the Secured Communications platform.

“Secured Communications provides a fully encrypted messaging platform that for the first time allows agencies to cross coordinate across boundaries and with outside organizations to ensure public safety,” said Rob Wilson, CEO.

“The flawless execution of our platform on New Year’s Eve, handling more than 50,000 messages, speaks to the robustness and scalability of the platform for critical public safety missions.”

Secured Communications provides officers secure, non-radio connectivity that allows the rapid sharing of investigative information or departmental alerts in an encrypted environment that protects citizen privacy and investigative integrity.

(Learn More about the mobile encryption app. Courtesy of Secured Communications and YouTube)

Las Vegas police agencies successfully used the system during the October Presidential Debate, in which more than 18,000 messages were shared between other state and federal agencies. Secured Communications currently connects 47 public safety agencies in Nevada.

The global leader in safeguarding critical communications, Secured Communications delivers advanced encryption solutions for law enforcement, enterprises, corporations, government entities, defense agencies, health care organizations and limited individuals.

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Using Secured Communications’ mobile connection platform, text messages, phone calls, images and files are end to-end encrypted and protected using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the encryption algorithm for securing sensitive information.

Secured Communications is led by retired senior FBI and law enforcement leaders and allows only trusted partners vetted by the FBI’s InfraGard program to access its technology.