M-Vac DNA Collection Highlighted on NBC’s Dateline (Video)

Share Article Wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection device successful after other methods had failed
Share Article Wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection device successful after other methods had failed

M-Vac Systems wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection system was highlighted on Friday as part of NBC’s Dateline episode “The Girl with the Red Shoe”. The episode, which first aired on May 6th, covered the Annie Kasprzak murder, which occurred March 10, 2012 along the scenic Jordan River in Draper, Utah. The case, which took over two years to fully investigate, finally concluded with Darwin “Chris” Bagshaw pleading guilty on February 29, 2016.

“The solving of Anne Kasprzak’s murder required a comprehensive effort from many public safety partners and forensic specialists,” states Draper Police Chief Bryan Roberts. “The Dateline episode highlighted those efforts and the extraordinary efforts of the Draper Police Department. All we ever wanted was to find justice for Anne and hold the murderer accountable for his senseless crime.”

During the hour and a half long episode, investigators turned to “a new machine called the M-Vac” which was described to be “like a steam cleaner and vacuum”. The M-Vac System is a sterile device that operates similar to an upholstery attachment of a carpet cleaner. It sprays a DNA free liquid onto the surface and simultaneously vacuums the liquid and DNA material from the surface. It is able to penetrate the cracks, crevices and fibers of many materials where more traditional collection methods may not fair as well. In the Kasprzak case, investigators used the system to sample the victim’s pants and shirt, as well as from the suspect’s shoes.

“We heard about the M-Vac System exactly when we needed to for this case,” said Alyssa McElreath, Draper PD Crime Scene Investigator. “The more we learned about its DNA collection capability, the more excited we got about the possibility of getting DNA where we couldn’t get it before. Everyone at M-Vac Systems, West Jordan PD and many others helped us in every way they could, especially with using the M-Vac to re-sample some of the areas where the lab hadn’t gotten good results. It was easy to use and gave us another chance at getting DNA from the evidence. Call it luck or whatever you want, but that was a major break for us and one of many we needed to solve this case.”


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M-Vac Systems is the world’s leader in wet-vacuum forensic DNA collection. Made in the USA and engineered for maximum collection capabilities, M-Vac Systems’ technology is the most innovative and capable forensic DNA material collection tool available for crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, sexual assault nurse examiners and other law enforcement specialists. It is currently being used or being evaluated by a number of agencies in the US, China, Australia, the UK, South Africa and others. For a more detailed description of the product and validation data, visit Why M-Vac.