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Maritime Arresting Technologies
Rapidly deployable reel-mounted booms close off waterways and docks from potential waterborne threats in minutes

Maritime Arresting Technologies is a single-source provider of a revolutionary new reel mounted security-boom system which can close off the mouth of a harbor in under six minutes.

The system includes entanglement booms, which are both naturally buoyant and extremely strong.

Security booms are stored on reels that can be either trailer mounted, boat mounted or housed in an ISO container.

The use of spreader bars at either end of the boom allows multiple elements to be used. The level and type of protection supplied can be configured to the user’s specific needs. (Pictured here with optional Abasco containment booms, for additional environmental protection.)

The 3 dimensional structure of the booms, entangle the propellers of encroaching vessels, bringing them to a rapid stop.

boonConstructed from 8,000 lbs breaking strain Dyneema® rope, the boom is capable of jamming props of the most powerful motor boats.

High visibility floats are positioned every 3’, to provide a visible barrier.

Lengths of up to 1,500’ of this extremely lightweight security barrier is stored on an easily transportable compact reel.

Multiple rows of entanglement boom can be used to provide scalable protection from single to multiple threats.

A force multiplier allows a security vessel to deny access to 1,500’ of water.

Port of Tampa Bay Waterway Security Enhancement Project

The Maritime Arresting Technologies reel mounted security-boom system was an integral part of the recently completed, Port of Tampa Bay Security Enhancement Upgrade.

Since its implementation at Port Tampa Bay, the U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed that reel mounted security-boom system upgrade could in fact, reduce the port’s MSRAM Index.

Maritime Arresting Technologies seeks to assist the Nation’s ports, terminals, military and law enforcement agencies in more efficiently, and effectively responding to changes in MARSEC Levels.

Matthew Searle, Chief Technology Officer at Maritime Arresting Technologies
Matthew Searle, Chief Technology Officer at Maritime Arresting Technologies

They have developed several new innovative technologies towards that end.

Maritime Arresting Technologies CTO, Matthew Searle and Port Tampa Bay Vice President of Security Mark Dubin, are scheduled to present at the upcoming Port Management Network Forum in Long Beach, CA, November 8-10th, 2016, to discuss the security benefits of the reel mounted security-boom system, and its effectiveness on the port’s ability to respond to threats.

“There is no other product currently on the market that can allow a port to close off an entire waterway with a vessel arresting boom in under six minutes,” said Mr. Searle during a recent interview.

“When the threat has diminished, the 800 foot booms can be automatically reeled back out of the water in as much time.”

Shawn Splide, Director of Maritime Arresting Technologies
Shawn Splide, Director of Maritime Arresting Technologies

The waterway security enhancement project at Port Tampa Bay, completed by Maritime Arresting Technologies, was funded by the Department of Homeland Security’s Port Security Grant Program.

Shawn Splide, Director of Maritime Arresting Technologies recently commented on the port upgrade as follows: “Not only can we (Maritime Arresting Technologies) assist ports with our innovative new technologies, but we are also knowledgeable and qualified to assist ports with completing the PSGP application, having recently completed the process with Port Tampa Bay.”

This exciting new maritime security solution from Maritime Arresting Technologies has been featured by AST and GSN respectively, since the delivery of the security-boom system to the Port of Tampa Bay on August 1st.

Additionally, Maritime Arresting Technologies has entered the reel mounted security-boom solution to compete in the ‘Best Maritime Perimeter Protection System’, in the 2016 AST Homeland Security Awards ‘ASTORS’ competition.

Maritime Arresting Technologies is a U.S. veteran-owned company that develops and manufactures and range of solutions to save lives, secure high-value locations and apprehend non-compliant vessels.

Maritime Arresting Technologies

Collaborating with various government and local agencies, our team is dedicated to your security needs.

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Good luck to Maritime Arresting Technologies on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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