MHPD Adopts Cutting-Edge Cameras for Public Safety (Multi-Video)

The Muskegon Heights Police Department has deployed Motorola Solutions Si500 Police Body Cameras (PBC) that feature a touchscreen for evidence management and combine a rugged speaker microphone in a convenient all-in-one device.

To securely store and manage videos, the department is using Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management system.

An auto-redact feature allows the department to remove the identities of individuals in videos seamlessly.

Technicians can mark objects such as faces, addresses or license plates and the technology blurs them out automatically, saving hours of administrative time.

(Our design team talks about how they created the Motorola Solutions Si500 Police Body-Worn Camera. In this video they discuss how the audio system was designed for maximum effectiveness in the field. Courtesy of Motorola Solutions and YouTube)

“Muskegon Heights Police Department has invested in this state-of-the-art technology in order to continue our mission to foster a better quality of life,” Police Chief Dr. Joseph E. Thomas, Jr.

Police Chief Dr. Joseph E. Thomas, Jr
Police Chief Dr. Joseph E. Thomas, Jr

“Citizens can see video that is being captured by police officers on the front of the Si500 PBC. This solution helps create greater citizen engagement and transparency in our community.”

“The camera is built into the speaker microphone for a convenient, easy-to-use communications solution.”

The department is also using new Motorola Solutions APXTM 8000 digital two-way portable radios.

With this all-band Project 25 radio, officers can communicate with agencies in neighboring counties which may be using different frequency bands and systems.

This technology can also communicate with the Michigan State Police and some federal agencies anywhere in the state.

(Meet Motorola Solutions APX 8000 all band portable radio from Motorola that features integrated Wi-Fi® and powerful audio performance. Courtesy of Motorola Solutions and YouTube)

The Motorola Solutions ASTRO® 25 interoperable radio features an adaptive audio engine and ultra-loud speaker.

Officers can communicate clearly in any situation, whether surrounding conditions are loud or windy.

(ASTRO 25 core provides an adaptable, affordable platform for mission critical voice and data. Powerful servers and proven software deliver the trusted mission critical platform required. Courtesy of Motorola Solutions and YouTube)

“Motorola Solutions is dedicated to providing the Muskegon Heights Police Department with the latest technologies to protect both officers and citizens,” said Emily Allen, Territory Vice President, Motorola Solutions.

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“With the combination of the Si500 BWC and CommandCentral Vault, they can capture, manage and share digital evidence efficiently and transparently.”