Military Recruit Centers Protected with Video Intercoms (Video)

Aiphone’s JP Series and GT Series video intercoms have been chosen by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect military recruiting centers across the United States.

Military officials made the decision to keep recruitment center entries locked throughout the day following the 2015 shooting deaths of five military personnel at Chattanooga, Tenn. recruitment and reserve centers.

(Jul 17, 2015 – Learn More about the Four Marines killed and three people injured after a gunman opened fire at two military locations in July of 2015. Courtesy of ABC News and YouTube)

The JP Series video intercoms will act as a video doorbell at single office recruitment centers. The GT Series will be installed at centers serving multiple military branches. 

To access a center, visitors push an exterior unit button initiating a call to a station inside the center. There, recruitment officers use an embedded 170-degee pan-tilt-zoom video camera to clearly identify visitors.

(See all the features of the JP Series Touchscreen video intercom by Aiphone. Courtesy of Aiphone and YouTube)

An audio intercom allows two-way conversations. A one-touch door release on the interior station unlocks the door once visitors are approved for entry. 

Interior stations provide either a 7- or 3.5-inch LCD screen delivering sharp color images. A simple control adjusts the camera position as needed to provide greater detail.

The JP Series and GT Series provide hands-free communication once a door call is answered. An optional handset is available if privacy is required. Stations can also record images and conversations for later review.

(Aiphone Learn More about the GT Series multi-tenant video entry intercom system. Courtesy of Aiphone and YouTube)

Bruce Czerwinski, U.S. general sales manager for Aiphone, said the video intercoms will allow military recruiters to control who enters the centers.

“Using Aiphone intercoms, recruiters now can clearly see and speak with visitors before allowing them access,” he said. “If there is any doubt about a visitor’s intentions, the door stays locked.” 

Aiphone’s JP Series video intercoms are ideal for single-user entry applications, such schools and homes. The GT Series provides multi-tenant entry security for apartment, office and mixed-use buildings, high-rise complexes, dormitories and assisted living communities.  

Aiphone logoFor more information on the JP Series and GT Series, visit the Aiphone website.

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