Milton Security Releases ENDPOINTInformer

Milton Security Group has released ENDPOINTInformer©, an agent that scans endpoints for their current security compliance that works in conjunction with the EdgeWall®, the industry leading inline NAC Milton Security offers.

ENDPOINTInformer©, a pico-agent that is run on Windows ® workstations and other endpoints, works with the assistance of the EdgeWall® to determine if the endpoint should be allowed access to the network, through the use of highly granular settings configured by the administrator.  ENDPOINTInformer© works continuously, to ensure the security compliance of the systems meets the requirements of the network.

The EdgeWall® System is the industry’s only inline Adaptive NAC appliance. It works with any equipment already on your network and gives you the flexibility that is necessary to handle any scenario that may arise. ENDPOINTInformer© provides an alternative method to the EdgeWall® System’s traditional scanning methods, allowing deployments to scan endpoints without having to change any user, firewall or settings on the end client and with further granularity.

ENDPOINTInformer© works continuously, to ensure the security compliance of the systems meets the requirements of the network.

“A few of our customers had very restrictive environments, presenting challenges for many endpoint health check solutions on the market,” said Resham Ganglani, CEO of HaloData. “We turned to Milton Security for help getting adaptive scanning deployed to our customers and ENDPOINTInformer© provided exactly what we needed.”

“We were excited for the challenges our partner HaloData presented and are proud that we were able to provide a solution,” said Jim McMurry, CEO of Milton Security Group. “We believe every organization should have the best network security possible and ENDPOINTInformer© allows us to provide that security to even more environments.”

ENDPOINTInformer©, as part of the ever expanding Informer suite of solutions, joins USBInformer® and EDGEInformer©. We are going to Make Endpoint Security Great Again and we accomplish that with the Informer Series.

ENDPOINTInformer logoIn a world where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become the norm it is necessary to have the ability to enforce security policies on devices that come and go within your network. ENDPOINTInformer© breaks down the challenges that BYOD presents and comes preconfigured to accept instructions from the EdgeWall® with specific security policies that are catered to your network’s needs.

ENDPOINTInformer© is being released now for Microsoft Windows ® systems, with Apple Mac OSX®, Linux, Android ® and iOS ® versions coming in Q3 2016

EdgeWall® is available now in various configurations that can fit your requirements from 50 to 500,000 endpoints, starting as low as $4 per endpoint for large installations.

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