MonDyn Announces Lanier Rep Group Inc., Reps for US Central Region


Monitor Dynamics (MonDyn), the security industry’s leading manufacturer of unified access control and intrusion detection solutions, today announced that it has partnered with leading manufacturer’s representative firm LRG, Inc., to sell and market their access control and intrusion detection products to include the iTRUST POE+ powered, server-less IP Access Control product and the SAFEnet Unified Access, Intrusion and Video Surveillance platform throughout the Central Region of the United States.

LRG will promote SAFEnet,  iTRUST version 2.0, and the new iTRUST 2.0 with ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio Wireless Lock Techology to a 16 state region which includes Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  

As a web-based, pure IP access control system in a true server-less configuration that utilizes the benefits of POE+ power, iTRUST offers dealers and end-users alike a unique approach to IP-based access control by delivering the first sustainable and environmentally friendly “green” building access solution to the market.  iTRUST adds mobility to its long list of features by empowering security administrators  to secure their facilities (up to 32 doors) in real-time from anywhere, at any time, via their smartphone, tablet or browser-enabled mobile or wearable device.

Installing dealers can configure iTRUST 2.0 to operate card readers and locking hardware directly from the compact and self contained Linux-powered door controller delivering an industry leading 1.6 Amps of robust PoE+ power. 

Although iTRUST was designed for access control installations of up to 32 doors, it offers enterprise scalability options and a seamless migration path utilizing the same hardware infrastructure.   iTRUST has the flexibility to transform over its 32 door limit, into an enterprise-grade fully integrated global system called SAFEnet.  SAFEnet has the capacity to service over one million cardholders if required and is MonDyn’s enterprise-grade unified access control and intrusion detection system platform.  It is deployed across numerous military bases, Fortune 1000 enterprises, federal agencies and hundreds of other high security and classified sites across the US and internationally.   

SAFEnet facilitates nearly every aspect of security and facility management through modular add-ons (modules) which rest on top of a flexible framework architecture (platform).  The platform allows modular addition of Graphic User Interfaces, functionality, logic, data, third party devices and data driven device drivers. The result of this architecture is unprecedented flexibility, scalability and agility that allows developers to customize the solution set at install, design features for the individual user, or expand the platform for additions in the future.  No other solution on the market today is as flexible or agile. 

“We look forward to working with the LRG Team to deliver the power of SAFEnet, the mobility of iTRUST and the wireless innovation of iTRUST + Aperio to customers in the Central United States,” stated Troy Paddock, President of Monitor Dynamics.  “LRG Representatives are known for their commitment to excellence and have been recognized as the best in the security industry for the past 15 years.  Their keen knowledge of today’s IP and wireless access control requirements, coupled with the team’s knowledge and history in the traditional access control market, make them an ideal fit for both the SAFEnet and iTRUST products,” Paddock concluded. 

As MonDyn’s newest product line, iTRUST is unique in that it requires no server, no software, no power supply, no 3rd party hosting and no formal classroom training to operate. These features make it very easy to install, use and maintain. iTRUST is manufactured in two unique system packages that level the playing field for all security installers:

  • The P Series – an edge-based IP POE+ powered solution (one Ethernet cable to the box delivering communication and power) in a small self-contained lightweight enclosure.
  • The M Series – a standard, IP based system with traditional metal locking enclosure and separate Altronix power supply to power locks, readers and additional door hardware.

MonDyn has a great team with the right product set in place to assist LRG in delivering a unique blend of powerful product integration, IP security technology, POE+ power and anywhere/anytime mobility to the Access Control market in the Central Region,” said  Chris Lanier, LRG, Inc. Principal.   “Couple that with iTRUST’s environmentally friendly “green” building features,  Aperio’s Wireless Locking technology and the enterprise-wide scalability of SAFEnet and you have a formula for success that will give security dealers a true competitive advantage, even in an established access control market,” Lanier added.

For product, technical and purchasing information on SAFEnet, iTRUST 2.0 and iTRUST 2.0 + Aperio please visit the Monitor Dynamics Website at or you may visit the iTRUST website at

For additional information about Lanier Rep Group please visit their website at or call the LRG Support Center at (409) 384-4560.

About Lanier Rep Group, Inc. 

Celebrating their 15th year of business, LRG was established in Dallas, Texas and is a multi- award-winning professional manufacturer’s representation firm specializing in the marketing and sales of best-in-class security technology solutions.  LRG was established with a firm commitment to providing the highest quality product lines, advanced technology support and exceptional pre and post-sales service to its customers.  These value added services, wrapped around the product lines that they promote, include training, technical education and ongoing support for security consultants, integrators and distributors.   LRG’s broad network of partners, manufacturers, consultants, dealers, contractors, integrators and distributors, gives them the unique ability to provide comprehensive solutions to the markets and manufacturers they serve.  With one of the strongest sales and support infrastructures in the business, LRG’s 15 person organization delivers results while remaining at the forefront of security and technology product innovation.

About Monitor Dynamics

Established in 1979, Monitor Dynamics (MonDyn) is a US based manufacturer of unified security management systems that blend access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and identity products into an open-architecture, command and control IP platform. Monitor Dynamics is the proven leader in developing corporate-wide, military-wide and government-wide managed security solutions that deliver real-time visualization and facility control to over 10 million client access and intrusion points across the globe. For detailed company and product information, please visit: