MorphoTrust USA Launches First US eID in Alabama (Learn More, Video)

MorphoTrust USA and the state of Alabama are teaming up to protect citizens against identity theft and state income tax refund fraud using a groundbreaking identity verification solution, MorphoTrust’s eID.

With the electronic ID (eID) application, Alabama residents will be able to protect their tax refunds with something as simple as a “selfie.”

The eID initiative will allow taxpayers to opt-in to a program that adds a new layer of security regarding tax return processing.

(MorphoTrust USA has partnered with the Alabama Department of Revenue to launch a new pilot program using MorphoTrust’s electronic ID (eID) to enhance security for residents filing state tax refunds during the 2016 filing season. Courtesy of Business Wire and YouTube)

MorphoTrust’s eID leverages the highly trusted and secure driver’s license and ID card database managed by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to ensure that individuals are who they claim to be.

Alabama taxpayers will be able to confidently place a “lock” on their tax ID within the Alabama Department of Revenue to be sure that tax returns are not processed in their name without their authorization.

The eID is empowering participants to use their verified identities (including selfies) as a way to protect their personal transactions.

MorphoTrust eID

What makes the eID secure?

The eID is secure simply because you and ONLY you can register and use the eID.

How is that possible?

  • It ties back to the motor vehicle agency in-person proofed database record when you applied for your driver’s license or state ID.
  • The app requires a biometric to open; one of the safest most secure ways to identify yourself, in this case, your selfie.
  • The eID replaces historically weak usernames and passwords.

(Learn More how MorphoTrust can assist online services and confirm transactions with a selfie-check with liveness detection. Courtesy of Safran Identity & Security (aka Morpho) and YouTube)

The “selfie” provided by the individual filing a return can be compared to the photo on file in the DL/ID database and is used as part of the layered security process.

This allows fraudulent filings to be intercepted before the individual and state are the victims of tax refund fraud.

“Tax refund fraud is a core issue for not only Alabama but all states, and we are dedicated to protecting our citizens,” said Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie P. Magee.

“This innovative initiative will allow all taxpayers to put the control in their own hands – and it specifically gives a way for those who have already had issues with identity theft to attain a level of comfort and protection that they did not have in the past.”

Bob Eckel, MorphoTrust CEO & Confirm Advisory Board member
Bob Eckel, MorphoTrust CEO & Confirm Advisory Board member

Pilot programs for the MorphoTrust eID service targeting tax refund fraud are already underway in Georgia and North Carolina.

“Protecting and securing the lives of the American people is what we do,” said Bob Eckel, CEO of MorphoTrust.

“The issue of identity theft and tax refund fraud is something we can and must address as a business. It will be a significant focus for us this year to successfully prove the effectiveness of the system and be ready to protect against this type of fraud by the 2017 tax season.”

“We are privileged to be working with the state of Alabama to help them protect their citizens.”

According to the Internal Revenue Service, tax refund fraud is expected to hit $21 billion by 2016, up from $6.5 billion two years ago.

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