Mosaic451 Awarded Cyber Security Contract for State of Arizona

Mosaic451, a cybersecurity services provider and consultancy, announced today that the company was awarded a master agreement by the State of Arizona to provide cybersecurity services including monitoring, management and administration of security devices and software.

The agreement makes Mosaic451 one of only seven service providers authorized to provide security services to the State of Arizona and its 685 cooperative members based on this award.

The master agreement allows Mosaic451 to provide Security Services, Open Systems Server Management and Data Center Switching Infrastructure Management to Arizona, its agencies, boards, and state commissions and 685 state cooperative members, including all Cities, Counties and educational institutions.

AZ state government


Government agencies house more sensitive data, work under more public transparency and scrutiny, and face higher threat levels than ever before.

Just like private-sector companies, the public sector operates highly complex data environments and must continually adapt to evolving technologies, shifting user expectations, increasing regulatory and reporting requirements, budgetary constraints, and a severe shortage of qualified information security personnel.

Since government agency networks may be interconnected for information sharing purposes, a breach of one system could mean that cyber criminals can compromise multiple agencies.

The threat of terrorism is at an all-time high, and today’s hackers are more educated, skilled, and well-funded than ever before.

The internet has made it possible for multiple threat actors, from rouge “hacktivists” to nation-state cyber criminals, to coordinate their efforts and launch highly sophisticated attacks on mission-critical government systems, either as solo operations or as part of a larger, real-world terrorist attack.

Carelessness, negligence, or malicious acts on the part of agency insiders can also lead to breaches; employees must be trained on cyber security best practices, and user activity within all systems must be continually monitored for anomalous behavior and data leakage.

The Mosaic Hybrid™ MSSP Solution
The Mosaic Hybrid™ MSSP Solution

Managed Security Services for Highly Sensitive Public Sector Information Systems

Mosaic451 has extensive experience with public sector and critical infrastructure information security; their team has worked with the federal government to develop and secure some of the most sensitive systems in the nation.

They have a complete understanding of the unique security and regulatory issues faced by public sector agencies on the federal, state, and local levels, and will tailor a managed security services plan to fit an organization’s individual environment and needs.

Mosaic451 services can include:

  • 24/7 SOC systems monitoring and incident response conducted remotely, on-site, or both
  • On-site, dedicated personnel who can work in tandem with your existing security staff or function as a full security operations team
  • Breach assessment services
  • Device security management
  • Security strategy consulting
  • Identity access management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and services
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
Mosaic451 Professional Services

The initial Mosaic451 contracts with the State of Arizona are 3 years, with two 3 year extensions and another 1 year extension totaling 10 years in duration.

All government agencies within the State of Arizona may select Mosaic451 for MSSP, NOC and SOC services without going to bid for the next 10 years.

Mosaic451 was awarded this master agreement after a stringent nine month long review by the state including evaluation of the company’s core competencies, value, unique and effective approach to security management, and historic success.

“We are proud to serve as the State of Arizona’s new security partner,” said Mosaic451 Principal and Co-Founder Mike Baker.

“Mosaic451 focuses on combining the deep industry knowledge of our engineers and analysts with a thorough assessment and understanding of the workings of each agency we work with to ensure that the security service we provide is tailored to the specific needs of each client.”

“We are thrilled that the State of Arizona recognizes the value Mosaic451 provides and look forward to working with the State and its cooperative members.”

Arizona’s Authorized MSSP

The State of Arizona has selected Mosaic451 to provide Open Systems Server Management and Data Center Switching Infrastructure Management including:

  • Monitor, manage and administer security tools
  • Manage software and operating system patches and updates
  • Perform penetration tests, assess threat vulnerabilities, and provide threat mitigation strategies
  • Perform all aspects of identity and data management

Tailored Security Services

Mosaic451 helps organizations protect sensitive data, maintain compliance with government cybersecurity regulations, and ensure organizations keep up to date with the latest security technologies to ensure continuous and uninterrupted availability of mission-critical systems by combining elite experience and enterprise security knowledge with customized security solutions that fit the needs of each specific organization.

While many MSSPs claim to fully protect a customer’s systems and data solely through remote monitoring, Mosaic451’s Hybrid™ solution combines 24/7 off-site monitoring with dedicated on-site personnel that act as a full security operations team to provide the most comprehensive level of information security.

Not only does the company provide assessment and recommendations to its customers, it provides the on-site staff and resources needed to ensure those recommendations are implanted and security best practices are followed.

Mosaic451 is dedicated to learning each partner agencies business, staff, and operations so that it can provide the best custom managed security services, dramatically improving the efficacy of any security operations.

Mosaic451 is SBA 8(a) Certified, MBE Certified, and WBE Certified.


Headquartered in Arizona, Mosaic451 is a bespoke cyber security service provider and consultancy with expertise in building, operating and defending some of the most highly-secure networks in North America.

Its Mosaic Hybrid™ is an industry first solution, providing monitoring service through its operations centers as well as specialized staff onsite during business hours to work alongside clients’ in house technology and security staff.

This hybrid model gives Mosaic451 the unique ability to empower security analysts to provide advanced data analysis and determine threat vectors, threat actors, and intelligent root causes for every incident.

Mosaic451 aggregates and empowers intelligent humans in the service of information security and IT operations excellence for our clients.