Navy Names Spectro Scientific as Finalist in CNR Concept Challenge

Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel, and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, has won a $9.6M contract from the U.S. Navy to provide fluid analysis equipment and support.

SpectrOil and FieldLab 58 from Spectro Scientific are fluid analysis instruments used by the military for the last 30 years.
SpectrOil and FieldLab 58 from Spectro Scientific are fluid analysis instruments used by the military for the last 30 years.

Additionally, the Office of Naval Research named Spectro personnel as finalists for proposing a portable fluid analysis system in a Concept Challenge competition aimed at developing innovative ideas to support the Navy and Marine Corps of the future.

Under the contract with the Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), Spectro will manufacture, test and deliver up to 69 model M-N/W SpectrOil RDE spectrometers to replace and upgrade the Navy and Marine Corp’s oil analysis programs.

(The Spectroil family of oil analysis optical spectrometers consists of the Spectroil M/C-W for commercial oil analysis, the Spectroil M/N-W for military applications and the Spectroil M/F-LD for gas turbine and diesel engine fuel analysis. Courtesy of Spectro Scientific and YouTube)

Technical data, logistics support documents, initial consumables, and maintenance kits/parts will be included.

The atomic emission rotrode M-N/W SpectrOil spectrometer is the only oil elemental analyzer approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP).

Dr. Patrick Henning Chief Technology Officer

It is a compact, rugged, transportable and easy-to-use spectrometer designed to detect and measure metals, contaminants and additives in lubricants, hydraulic fluids and coolants.

Accurate, on-site fluid analysis facilitates establishment of proactive maintenance programs and protects crucial mechanical assets from unanticipated failure.

Separately, in recognition of Spectro’s response to a call from Chief of Naval Research (CNR) Rear Admiral David J. Hahn for innovative ideas on how to keep naval ships, aircraft and personnel at peak readiness, Spectro Vice President of Government Programs Robert Yurko and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Patrick Henning were named finalists for their work in the “Enhancement of a Portable Comprehensive Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Tool for Aviation Fluid Analysis.”

Robert Yurko Vice President, Government Programs at Spectro Scientific
Robert Yurko, Vice President, Government Programs at Spectro Scientific

Mr. Yurko and Dr. Henning join representatives of eight other organizations as finalists in the CNR Concept Challenge.

The variety of ideas generated will be applied to benefit the Navy and other branches of the armed services.

Spectro has collaborated closely with the armed services for more than 30 years, working initially with the DoD and JOAP on early versions of SpectrOil technology.

“The contract from NAWCAD confirms that the US Navy places a high value on the quality, reliability and support provided by Spectro fluid analysis technology as it ensures the availability and flight safety of critical aviation assets,” said Mr. Yurko.

(Spectro Scientific has established proprietary methods that aid in the usage of heavy machinery. Courtesy of Spectro Scientific and YouTube)

Regarding his and Dr. Henning’s selection as CNR Concept Challenge finalists, Mr. Yurko added, “This recognition illustrates Spectro’s longstanding and continuing commitment to developing advanced technology solutions for maintainers of aviation platforms as well as equipment across the entire U.S. armed forces.”