New 1080p True HD Police In-Car Video System by PRO-VISION®

PRO-VISION Video Systems, releases new 1080p High-Definition In-Car Video System for police vehicles.

The PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System is the only 1080p True HD system capable of providing 360 degree vehicle coverage, capturing high-fidelity audio and video that’s more than twice the quality of 720p HD cameras on up to eight cameras.

PRO-VISION Video Systems
PRO-VISION Video Systems

1080p True High-Definition Video

At PRO-VISION®, HD means High-Definition video with 1080p resolution, six times the quality of Standard Definition and more than twice the quality of 720p HD cameras.

The PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System is the only 8-camera 1080p HD system designed for law enforcement.

An interior camera provides 180 degree door-to-door HD coverage of the rear seat area in any lighting condition, while a compact forward-facing camera records the front of the vehicle without obstructing the view of the road like bulky cameras featured in other systems.


Features Include:

  • Rugged Solid-State Design
  • 5-YEAR System Warranty
  • 1080p True HD Video Quality
  • 360° Vehicle Coverage
  • Integrated GPS Mapping
  • Evidence Management Solution
  • 8-Camera Capable
  • Wireless File Transfer
  • Remote Live Viewing
  • System Health Alerts
  • Futureproof
  • Unbeatable Value

5-YEAR System Warranty

Combining industry-leading features with a rugged Solid-State design, a 5-Year Warranty and a price over 50 percent less than other brands, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System is the most Reliable, Simple and Affordable™ in-car video system available.

Our 5-YEAR System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

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Game-Changing Digital Evidence Management Platform

PRO-VISION also offers SecuraMax™, Reliable, Simple and Secure automated video management software solution, for transit applications.

SecuraMax™ Affordable, Turn-Key Digital Evidence Management Solution
SecuraMax™ Affordable, Turn-Key Digital Evidence Management Solution

Designed to help users securely upload, manage, protect and share video files, SecuraMax™ simplifies video management by enabling files to be automatically and securely uploaded through Wi-Fi, to a local server network or the cloud, when a bus pulls into a yard or garage.

To make finding video easier, SecuraMax™ automatically categorizes event video based on customizable recording triggers, such as a school bus stop-arm activation or erratic driving.

The software also allows users to customize the length of time each video is retained based on category.

SecuraMax™ enables users to store event video for as long as needed while non-event video is automatically deleted when its custom retention period expires, simplifying the management process and freeing up valuable storage space.

Users can securely and easily share files both inside and outside an organization through email with SecuraMax™.

Andrew Beach, Director of Sales & Service at PRO-VISION

Advanced sharing options provide users with complete control of video files, while autonomous audit trails and usage reports that cannot be altered by users or administrators keeps control of files exactly where it should be, in your hands.

“The release of SecuraMax™ for the transit industry is a game-changer,” states Andrew Beach, Director of Sales & Service at PRO-VISION®.

“Our transit customers now have a reliable, simple and affordable way to make managing their video easier than ever.”

Since 2003, PRO-VISION® has been engineering, manufacturing and installing Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ mobile video recording systems and software solutions for the school bus, transit, law enforcement and commercial markets.

PRO-VISION logoSpecializing in back-up, dash-cam, in-car and body-worn video; PRO-VISION® products increase safety and reduce liability for thousands of organizations in nearly 50 countries around the globe.

Recently recognized as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ company and by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for the sixth consecutive year, PRO-VISION® takes pride in offering the highest quality products backed by the absolute best customer and technical support.