New Affordable Police BodyCam & Evidence Package (See in Action)

Force Protection is now offering a HD body camera and evidence software package that is affordable to all size departments.

The Force Pro Package I provides a LE50 32GB body camera, Veripic Evidence Storage Locker software, unlimited tech support and a 3-year warranty to law enforcement departments for $18 per month (3-year contract). This package can be used with in house or cloud storage.

(The LE50 is the first bodycam with voice announcement and white diode lighting. Courtesy of Force Protection Video, Jim Allen and YouTube)

The Force Protection Video LE50 cameras are constructed with a rugged HD design and incorporates Ambarella made chips, the chip supplier of the popular GoPro®  sports cameras, to enable the LE50 to record high definition video.

The Force Pro 1 package alleviates the overall cost to less than most competitors charge for a camera.

“The LE50 was developed using current guidelines that Law Enforcement nationwide have written into their requirements for purchase of Bodycams for their officers, and meets or exceeds these requirements.” said Paul Feldman, President and CEO at Force Protection Video.

“We have already received over 100 orders for this Force Pro 1 system.”

The LE50 key design features are:

LE50 Body Worn Camera for Police
LE50 Body Worn Camera for Police
  • Industry leading record time (10 hours @1080,12 hours @720)
  • 50 hours of standby time
  • 32GB of internal tamper proof storage
  • White LED illumination
  • Audio announcements
  • GPS recording
  • 30 second pre and post record
  • Integration with VeriPic© Evidence Management Software

The Force Protection LE50 Bodycam is the first to body camera to include a built-in audio announcement feature.

  • When the camera first starts to record an audible announcement clearly states “ATTENTION AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING HAS STARTED”,
  • Additionally, when the camera’s recording mode an audible announcement states, “ATTENTION AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING HAS STOPPED.”

Our studies show when someone is made aware of a recording taking place their attitude and demeanor tend to turn more positive and less aggressive towards police officers.

LE50 Body Worn Camera for Police

Furthermore, the LE50 uses white diode lighting in our design as an additional safety issue.

Cameras that utilize IR lighting can be harmful due the brightness of the IR light and the fact that the human eye does not react to this source of light, there is a high probability of damage or injury when a person looks directly into such lighting.

VeriPic® is a leading supplier of enterprise photo and evidence management software to Law Enforcement Agencies, Military, Medical Institutions and Corporate customers.

The VeriPic Digital Evidence Manager

VeriPic© products handle evidence in thousands of criminal cases throughout the country and holds multiple patents for their evidence management solution software.

(The VeriPic Digital Evidence Manager is capable of storing Digital Photos, Audio, Video, documents, & any other type of digital evidence, and works seamlessly with the Force Protection LE50 or LE10 cameras. It features Authentication of digital photos to properly document crime scenes. Courtesy of VeriPic and YouTube)

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