New PassHub Password Manager Protects Your Credentials (Video)

WWPass, a global cybersecurity company that provides identity, authentication and access management (IAM) technology, has released PassHub, a free password manager.

Unlike other password managers that require an additional master password or optional multi-factor authentication, PassHub is only accessible through WWPass’ PassKey Lite app, ensuring the highest level of security and convenience for customers. 

(Fast, Easy, Secure. Courtesy of WWPass and YouTube)

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 81 percent of breaches are the result of weak, lost or stolen usernames and passwords.

If your business uses usernames & passwords, you're vulnerable
If your business uses usernames & passwords, you’re vulnerable

Additionally, the use of master passwords for password managers increases the risk of breaching a user’s private information from these human-readable credentials.

PassKey’s distributed encryption ensures utmost security of PassHub member’s login.

PassHub eliminates risk from compromised third parties by ensuring only authorized individuals have access. 

Perry Chaffee, VP of strategy for WWPass
Perry Chaffee, VP of strategy for WWPass

“Usernames and passwords are obsolete, and still result in lost time, resources, data, revenue and other countless frustrations for companies and customers alike,” said Perry Chaffee, VP of strategy for WWPass.

“Since outdated logins are still widely exploited, we created PassHub as a way for people to safely organize their credentials until they are eventually replaced with passwordless sign-on like PassKey Lite or similar levels of authentication to meet the needs of today’s customers.”

Unlike most free password managers, PassHub provides unlimited credentials sharing with your team, family or friends for life, as well as full control over revoking or administering access.

(PassKey Lite is a secure, password-less authentication app, that turns users’ smart phones into an authentication device. Secure login from anywhere, anytime, no additional tokens required. Courtesy of WWPass and YouTube)

PassHub is available immediately.

PassHub is available immediately.
PassHub is available immediately.

To log in to your PassHub vault, download the PassKey Lite App (iTunes, Google Play) and visit to get started.

WWPass battles data breaches and identity theft with advanced authentication and data storage technology to deliver a user experience as convenient as it is secure.

WWPass serves individuals, small and midsized businesses, as well as enterprises in higher education, e-commerce and other industries that need to provide their customers and employees with superior security and convenience.