New Patent for Camera that Captures Both Iris Biometrics & Face Images

EyeLock LLC, has been issued U.S. Patent No. 9,646,217 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), that enables a single camera to acquire iris biometrics as well as a face image by providing suitable illumination adjustments between the two acquisitions.

Jim Demitrieus, CEO of EyeLock
Jim Demitrieus, CEO of EyeLock

“Our latest patent continues to strengthen EyeLock’s position in the mobile and broader Internet of Things (IoT) sectors,” said Jim Demitrieus, CEO of EyeLock.

“The compact design of this solution leverages a single camera component to perform multiple functions, resulting in a lower total cost to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and increased capabilities for end-users.”

Mr. Demitrieus noted that this invention:

  • Uses a single image sensor to acquire a face image and an iris image suitable for iris recognition
  • Determines the distance of the subject from the image sensor, so that suitable illumination levels can be provided even when the two types of images are being captured in quick succession
  • Links the face image to the iris image, which allows the face image to be used for liveness confirmation of the iris biometrics, and
  • Allows the acquisition of the face image to serve as biometric deterrence and the face image to be optionally stored for future dispute resolution

(Learn More. Since no two irises are alike, the chances of a false match are less than one in two trillion. That’s more than the population of earth. In fact, that’s more than the population of 315 earths. Courtesy of EyeLock and YouTube)

This patent is the most recent example of how EyeLock has achieved significant technological breakthroughs and solved integration challenges that have historically been a barrier to mass-market adoption of iris authentication technology.

In addition, the Company’s approach provides maximum flexibility by offering designs that have either on-board or host-based processing and illumination.

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Algorithm performance capabilities for speed and accuracy have been validated by Novetta, a leader in advanced analytics technology and independent biometric testing, as unmatched in the market.

The EyeLock reference designs have working distances of up to 60 cm with a false accept rate of 1 in 1.5 million for single eye authentication and a false reject rate of less than 1%.