New Riot Shield Light for Police, Corrections & Security Forces (Video)

FoxFury Taker R40 Riot Shield Light
FoxFury Taker R40 Riot Shield Light

FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces its new Taker R40 shield light for police, military, corrections and security forces. This riot shield light is a powerful, nonlethal lighting tool that assists safe and effective ways to control crowds and help keep the peace.

It mounts securely via bolts inside of concave shields and does not compromise the shield’s integrity.

FoxFury has been an industry lighting leader offering shield lights since 2005.

(See the FoxFury Pro Shield Light in Action. Courtesy of FoxFury, Sioen and YouTube)

Its ballistic shield lights have been used in over 46 countries to help law enforcement and military to keep the peace and gain an upper hand in dangerous situations. This new light provides an effective lighting tool for new segments of law enforcement to help keep the peace.

The Taker R40 is designed to keep the officer or operator and the public safe. It is a nonlethal, lifesaving and effective lighting tool that helps control those who are putting themselves and other persons and property at risk,” said Mario, C.E.O at FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

At 700 lumens, this light is powerful enough to be uncomfortable for people to look at. This provides a tactical advantage as it gets out of line individuals to painlessly and quickly conform. There are 2 modes for the operator to choose from: Solid On and Turbo-Strobe.

The strobe mode is a varying frequency that is uncomfortable (but not harmful) for someone to look at, which provides a tactical advantage whether in an offensive or defensive situation.

(Learn More about FoxFury First Responder Products, because visibility is crucial in every industry when working in darkness. Courtesy of FoxFury and YouTube) 

Unlike previous FoxFury shield lights, the Taker R40 is a self-contained shield light that was specifically designed to fit on the inside of clear, concave riot shields. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery system. Additional power packs (sold separately) can be swapped in when needed.

This durable, all-weather light can be bolted or attached with Velcro© (Industrial strength hook and loop) on to clear riot / antiriot shields. It was designed to give corrections, security forces, military and law enforcement a safe alternative to assist with controlling crowds.

FoxFury is accepting preorders on the Taker R40. These lights will also be on display at SHOT Show 2017 in January.

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