NIST Awards Sonim Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Grant

Sonim Technologies has been awarded $1.4M from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) to accelerate research, development, production and testing of key broadband technologies and capabilities for first responders.

Sonim Technologies and Nemergent Solutions are partnering to deliver an open source platform that significantly advances the state-of-the-art mission critical voice by addressing both on-network and off-network end-to-end mission critical PPT (MCPTT) on the XP handset.

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The solution will be a 3GPP R13 compliant MCPTT platform with both client and server side elements that are fully seamless and interoperable with existing nationwide narrowband assets.

“Our goal is to accelerate adoption of mission critical voice services on PSBN without the need for proprietary software and hardware,” said Robert Escalle, Vice President – Public Safety Market Segment, Sonim Technologies.

Nemergent Solutions developed the MCPTT application stack, which will integrate the core MCPTT protocol services on a new version of Sonim’s ultra-rugged XP handset.

“Ensuring interoperable solutions is a critical feature for Public Safety agencies worldwide,” said Dr. Jose Oscar Fajardo, co-founder and CEO, Nemergent Solutions.

Chief Henry White Jr., Atlantic City Police Department
Chief Henry White Jr., Atlantic City Police Department

“We are thrilled to leverage Sonim’s industry standard handset to demonstrate our open and standard MCPTT client and server components.”

The combination of LTE-based MCPTT and Direct Mode/Off-Network communications functions will be tested on Sonim’s PTT-centric Android handset by the Atlantic City Police Department and first responders from the County of Fairfax, Va.

New Jersey is one of only five early builders of the National Public Broadband Safety Network so we’re an ideal partner,” said Chief Henry White Jr., Atlantic City Police Department.

“These are the kinds of technology advances that will ultimately help us better serve and protect our community.”

“Communications improvements like this can only make us better,” said Mike Newburn, Communications Technology Manager, Department of Information Technology County of Fairfax.

Mike Newburn, Department of Information Technology County of Fairfax
Mike Newburn,  County of Fairfax

“With the FirstNet initiative coming to fruition, it’s time to start building the infrastructure and operations to support it.”

The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged, mission-ready LTE handsets, applications and a suite of public safety-grade accessories, collectively designed to increase the productivity, accountability and safety for today’s first responders.

Sonim's XP7 LTE Android smartphones paired with FirstNet network delivered ultra-rugged, mission-critical data communications at Houston Livestock Show and RodeoSonim Technologies is a provider of mission critical solutions designed specifically for professionals in the public safety and defense space.

Sonim’s commitment to delivering the most reliable and mission ready handset is amplified by an industry-leading, 3-year comprehensive warranty, which has redefined user expectations for ultra-rugged technology.