NYC Transit Tests System Designed to Detect People on Tracks

Duos Technologies has been issued a Letter of Intent to award a Purchase Order from New York City Transit to provide a turn-key system as part of a comprehensive pilot program to test and evaluate new technologies that provide a warning when persons or objects enter onto NYC Transit system’s tracks.

Felix Krupczynski, SVP and Chief Sales Officer for Duos Technologies
Felix Krupczynski, SVP and Chief Sales Officer for Duos Technologies

“Leveraging our experience in the development of many successful, cutting-edge railroad technology systems, we are honored to be chosen to utilize our intelligent technology platforms for this very important pilot program,” stated Felix Krupczynski, SVP and Chief Sales Officer for Duos Technologies.

“Monitoring and maintaining a safe and secure environment for New York City Transit riders and staff is a paramount focus of the agency and we’re excited to demonstrate a solution that can meet the stringent demands of safety required for mass deployment.”

The system will utilize redundant, multi-layered sensor technologies combined with Duos Technologies’ proprietary praesidium® analytics software, based on neural network algorithms, that will maximize the reliability and accuracy of track intrusion detections.

(Learn More about Duos Technology from Adrian Goldfarb, CFO of Duos Technologies Group, Inc. Courtesy of Stock News Now and YouTube)

praesidium® 3.0 Video Management and Intelligent Video Analytics Software

praesidium® is the nucleus for all our systems and solutions. Typically running in the background, it is designed to manage multiple data sources with an emphasis on video management.

Special intelligent video analytics modules are available to extend the capabilities of the systems and provide greater situational awareness.

praesidium® can manage and communicate with an unlimited number of cameras, digital I/O devices, alarm points, and other commonly used data inputs.

When combined with the embedded advanced video analytics, it offers an unparalleled solution for enterprise information management and consolidation.

  • DHS Safety Act Designated
  • Modular Video Analytics Engine
  • Differential Layer Analysis
  • Bad Weather Resilience
  • Automated Alarm Management
  • Remote Access, Administration & Monitoring

The design will also provide value added capabilities such as End of Platform intrusion detection.

The pilot program is designed to evaluate the various technologies and ultimately select the technology to be rolled out to the over 1,500 tracks of NYC Transit’s 450+ subway stations.

“We feel strongly that our technology will receive high grades and will be instrumental in NYC Transit’s stated objective of saving lives and minimizing injuries,” said Duos Technologies Group CEO Gianni Arcaini.

“Duos Technologies has a history of developing disruptive technology innovations, and this program will be another testimony of how we can effectively utilize our core of intelligent technologies that have been successfully deployed for our transportation clients.”

(Learn More about Duos Technologies, outlining the Duos RIP Technology. Courtesy of Duos Technologies and YouTube)

This program represents a significant strategic initiative within the transit rail industry with worldwide implications for transit market deployments.

“NYC Transit alone suffered over 350 incidents between January 1, 2011 through February 2013 of which 129 were fatalities. In addition to the impact such accidents have on the personal lives of families and employees, consequential delays of the respective rail lines cause significant disruption to passengers and rail operations.”

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