NZ Police Partner with SceneDoc for eNotes Proof-of-Concept (Videos)

SceneDoc, public safety’s trusted data collection platform, announces today a partnership with New Zealand Police to undertake a Proof of Concept (PoC) leveraging their commerical-off-the-shelf (COTS) eNotes application.

Superintendent Rob Cochrane
Superintendent Rob Cochrane

‘NZ Police are exploring how we can use our current Police-issued iPhones to allow officers to collect and share their notes digitally,” says Superintendent Rob Cochrane, Director of Mobility and Innovation.

The Proof of Concept will run for a six-week period with a focus on learning and understanding what Police need from a notes application.

The findings will inform future decisions for a digital notebook capability in an operational environment.

(Learn More. Courtesy of SceneDoc and YouTube)

“In an increasingly digital environment, Police mobility services are critical to the efficient and effective delivery of Police operational activities,” says Superintendent Cochrane.

“The ability to capture and share notes digitally will extend the current functionality, as it will facilitate an electronic and centralized database of notebook entries to continue to support staff being ‘more street than station’.”

SceneDoc’s mission is to redefine the role of mobile technology in public safety.

Alex Kottoor, SceneDoc CEO
Alex Kottoor, SceneDoc CEO

“We are thrilled to be working with NZ Police on this initiative,” says company CEO, Alex Kottoor.

“NZ Police is regarded as one of the earliest adopters of mobile devices at enterprise scale, integrating mobile hardware and software as part of core police operations.”

“It’s a real honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with such pioneers.”

SceneDoc was recently awarded the coveted ‘Motorola Solutions Award for Public Safety Technology,” named as a leading innovator of public safety solutions that helps build safer cities and thriving communities.

(See SceneDoc in Action! Using Samsung mobile devices and the SceneDoc solution, the Metro Vancouver Transit Police Department estimates they have reduced paperwork time by an hour each day per officer by automating their data collection process and improving information sharing. Courtesy of Samsung Business USA and YouTube)