OGSystems Signs Key Partner in the BlueGlass™ Platform

OGSystems (OGS), a leader in technology innovation for the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC), today announced its partnership with TransVoyant, an Alexandria, Virginia-based company at the forefront of the predictive analytics space.

Omar Balkissoon, CEO and Co-Founder of OGSystems
Omar Balkissoon, CEO and Co-Founder of OGSystems

“We’re in the business of contextualizing knowledge from pixels and that knowledge enables the warfighter’s mission,” said Omar Balkissoon, CEO and Co-Founder of OGSystems.

“This strategic partnership is another critical element within our BlueGlass™ platform, providing timely content.  OGS is all about velocity of innovation and in my mind, TransVoyant is indicative of just that.”

“TransVoyant is the perfect addition to the team of companies developing BlueGlass™,” said John Goolgasian, OGSystems Associate Partner in charge of GEOINT Analytics.

“By combining their knowledge of big data and advanced analytics to develop predictive insights with the other BlueGlass™ partners’ content, OGSystems will provide our customers with an understanding of their world like no other platform can.”

(TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space. From sensors, satellites, radar, video cameras, smartphones and other devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT), we collect over one trillion events each day, giving us one of the largest repositories of real-time big data in the world.  Courtesy of TransVoyant and YouTube)

The OGSystems BlueGlass™ platform combines commercial remote sensing, big data, and cognitive analytics to deliver real-time insights through situational awareness, anomaly alerting, and reporting of activities that could pose risk to the operations of its users.

TransVoyant President & CEO Dennis Groseclose
TransVoyant President & CEO Dennis Groseclose

“By partnering with OGSystems, we enable their customers with TransVoyant’s Precise Predictive Intelligence solution – analyzing and predicting global, real-time and future behavior across multiple sectors, such as economic, transportation, information, social, energy and infrastructure to empower continuously updated patterns of life, anomaly detection and correlations,” said TransVoyant President & CEO Dennis Groseclose.

“The combined OGSystems and TransVoyant solution empowers users with situational awareness as events unfold, and predictive analytics of what is to come in the future to enable better informed strategic decisions that mitigate national security risks and affect outcomes of fast-moving events.”

Blue Glass

TransVoyant Precise Predictive Intelligence™ (P2I™) analyzes trillions of events taking place around the globe – in real-time, (ex. weather, traffic, people movement, shipments, currency fluctuations) – applying advanced behavioral analytics to this streaming big data.

TransVoyant continuously monitors behaviors of people, groups, organizations, systems and regions to discover ‘normal’ baselines and trends—spatial and nonspatial—across time (by minute, day of week, season, etc.).

These insights are updated live as more data is streamed through its Continuous Decision Intelligence™ (CDI™) system and as users select new areas of interest or events to be monitored.

TransVoyant P2I dynamically identifies deviations from those baselines—detecting anomalous behaviors and events that happened in the past, are happening now, or are predicted to happen—hours, days or weeks into the future.

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OGSystems’ (OGS) mission is to provide technically advanced solutions to customers through constant innovation, effecting positive change in every engagement.

In an industry accustomed to long and inefficient procurement cycles, OGS thinks differently – we are an alternative for DoD and IC clients seeking nimble companies to solve their most difficult problems.

Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, with regional offices in St. Louis, Missouri, San Diego, California, and Portland, Oregon, OGS employs over 350 geospatial engineers, software developers, data scientists and mission subject matter experts in the areas of geospatial intelligence and big data analytics.