OpenALPR & Axis Offer Affordable ALPR Service Plans (See Video)

OpenALPR, is introducing the OpenALPR Agent for Axis cameras which enables a first for the surveillance industry, ALPR-as-a-Service.

OpenALPR teamed up with Axis Communications, the market leader in network video and a winner in the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards program, on this collaboration by utilizing the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP).

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“Our mission is to make state-of-the-art ALPR technology more accessible and affordable,” said Matt Hill – President and Founder of OpenALPR Technology, Inc.

“The combination of our Camera Agent for Axis and Cloud Stream portal make deploying ALPR extremely simple, and at $79 per month, it is the most affordable ALPR solution on the market today.”

“There is no need for a server or video management software; all that is needed is an Axis camera and an Internet connection.”

Along with the release of the OpenALPR Camera Agent, OpenALPR is also introducing a new Cloud Stream plan for free that features two days of plate data retention and requires local compute and storage.

Alex Walthers, Business Dev’t Mgr, ADP, Axis Communications
Alex Walthers, Business Dev’t Mgr, ADP, Axis Communications

In contrast, the Camera Agent does all license plate recognition in the cloud (as a service) and provides 60 days of data and video retention.

“We’re excited to see the growth in adoption of ACAP and also the proliferation of cloud services in the security industry,” said Alex Walthers, Business Development Manager, ADP, Axis Communications.

“We look forward to future collaboration with OpenALPR to further enhance the capabilities of their ALPR as a Service offering. The high cost of ALPR solutions has slowed the adoption of the technology.”

“OpenALPR is eliminating that barrier with our Camera Agent and facilitating new use cases. Our Cloud Stream plans are advantageous for all customers small and large.”

“Property managers and homeowner’s associations can offer their tenants better security and peace of mind knowing what vehicles are on the property at all times,” stated Hill.

(Learn More about the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP), courtesy of Axis and YouTube)

Law enforcement agencies can deploy OpenALPR on an ad hoc basis to aid in investigations without a large capital expenditure and an annual contract.

OpenALPROpenALPR is currently offering a free 14-day trial of the Camera Agent. Users can register for an account and download the Agent at

Additionally, OpenALPR provides a Cloud API for hardware and software manufacturers who want to enable their applications with license plate recognition and vehicle make, model and color recognition.

The OpenALPR Agent is available for Axis Cameras, Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Docker platforms.