Oshkosh Delivers Army Proposal for FMTV A2 Production (Learn More)

Oshkosh Defense, has submitted a proposal in response to the U.S. Government’s Request for Proposal (RFP) for Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) A2 production effort. 

Oshkosh’s FMTV A2 proposal addresses the U.S. Army’s need for increased payload and improved survivability, ride quality, and mobility.

Pat Williams, Vice President and GM, Defense Programs at Oshkosh Defense
Pat Williams, Vice President and GM, Defense Programs at Oshkosh Defense

“As the missions change, so should the vehicles built to support those missions,” said Pat Williams, vice president and general manager of Army and Marine Corps Programs at Oshkosh Defense.

“With our proposed FMTV A2 design, Oshkosh leverages its vast experience manufacturing and providing support to FMTV vehicles under the current FMTV A1P2 program.”

“No one understands the U.S. Army’s FMTV platform better than Oshkosh Defense, and we are prepared to seamlessly transition into FMTV A2 production.”

Oshkosh Defense’s FMTV A2 proposal is in response to the U.S. Army’s competitive RFP that requires bidders to validate and produce an upgraded FMTV A2 fleet of vehicles with improved payload, underbody protection, ride quality, mobility, engine power, electronics, diagnostics, and safety enhancements. 

Oshkosh Family of Vehicles

The Firm Fixed Price (FFP) and Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) requirements contract will establish pricing for up to seven order years.  The Government can buy over 2,400 trucks and 1,200 underbody kits across the contract. 

The scope of work includes delivering upgraded vehicles for test and logistics development as soon as 450 days after contract award, expected in the spring of 2018.

John Bryant, Oshkosh Corporation senior vice president and Oshkosh Defense president

“Oshkosh’s proposal for the FMTV A2 program is another example of our unwavering commitment to the U.S. soldier to provide the safest, most capable, and reliable FMTV with the most protection this platform has ever offered,” added John Bryant, Oshkosh Corporation senior vice president and Oshkosh Defense president. 

“We look forward to the opportunity to continue our service to the U.S. Army.”

The future generation FMTV A2 will be comprised of 16 models and associated trailers capable of carrying payloads ranging from 3-ton to 10-ton, and performing a wide range of duties from supporting combat missions, to relief efforts, to logistics and supply operations.

The Oshkosh FMTV A2 features parts commonality that results in streamlined maintenance, training, sustainment and overall cost efficiency for the U.S. Army, Army Reserves, National Guard, and U.S. Air Force.

Oshkosh Defense has manufactured and sustained more than 150,000 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles for the U.S. DoD and its allies. 

(For decades, Oshkosh Defense has designed, delivered and sustained the world’s best tactical wheeled vehicles for our nations finest men and women. It is our honor and privilege to provide the world’s best tactical wheeled vehicles to our troops – helping them achieve their missions and come home safely. Courtesy of Oshkosh Defense and Vimeo)

Oshkosh Defense was first awarded the FMTV contract following a competitive evaluation in 2009 and, to date, has delivered more than 35,000 FMTV trucks and trailers while saving U.S. taxpayers more than $2 billion. 

The U.S. Department of Defense recognized Oshkosh Defense with the Value Engineering Achievement Award for improvements that resulted in millions of dollars in cost savings for the U.S. Army, as well as improved performance and reliability.

oshkosh defenseOshkosh Defense is a leading provider of tactical wheeled vehicles and life cycle sustainment services.

For decades Oshkosh has been mobilizing military and security forces around the globe by offering a full portfolio of heavy, medium, light and highly protected military vehicles to support our customers’ missions.