PARASIM Powered by High Fidelity VR Visuals at SOFIC (Multi-Video)

The newest version of the VR-based parachute training simulator PARASIM, leveraging high fidelity virtual environments generated by TerraTools from TerraSim rendered by VBS3 from Bohemia Interactive Simulations, will be demonstrated by Systems Technology Inc. (STI), at SOFIC 2017.

The integration of VBS3 with PARASIM brings together two solutions that have become the standard-bearers for training and simulation in the defense sector.

The addition of TerraTools to the PARASIM solution enables support for large area, real-world training and mission rehearsal.

(Learn More about PARASIM, the flagship product of Systems Technology Inc (STI) with David Landon, president of Systems Technology Inc., from SOFIC 2016. Courtesy of SOFIC and YouTube)

Greater preparedness, reduced risk, and enhanced skills.

Whether you live to jump or jump to live, you’re fully prepared with PARASIM. We recreate the jump experience by combining virtual reality, validated parachute dynamics based on physics, and realistic canopy controls.

Image courtesy of PARASIM
Image courtesy of PARASIM

PARASIM is a virtual reality parachute training simulator, that provides a safe and cost-effective way for paratroopers to hone skills and plan missions before taking to the air.

PARASIM is used by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines for both premeditated airborne operations and for emergency bailout and ejection training. PARASIM enables jumpers to conduct procedural and safety training.

It also allows jumpers to learn procedures for multiple chute malfunctions.

VBS3 is the flagship development platform from Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global developer of simulation and training software.

(See VBS3 new features such as VBS Chalkboard (a new mission planning tool), a universal component system for configuring weapons, and more. Courtesy of Bohemia Interactive Simulations and YouTube)

VBS3 simulates all aspects of the modern battlespace to enable trainees practice tactics, techniques, and procedures and develop communication and decision-making skills.

BISim products are used by government and industry in more than 50 countries around the world to train hundreds of thousands of personnel every year. 

TerraTools, the flagship virtual terrain generation software from TerraSim, automatically processes geospatial data and model content to rapidly develop high-fidelity, geo-specific terrains for simulated, tactical military training and experimentation.

(Learn More about the high fidelity virtual environments generated by TerraTools from TerraSim, as explained by Earl Laamanen, Technical Director at TerraSim. Courtesy of TerraSim and YouTube)

“With the crisp visual fidelity provided by VBS3, you can go right into a difficult dropzone and pick out trees, buildings and grass, parts of the terrain that help trainees with the visual cues needed to make a safe and successful drop,” said David Landon, president of Systems Technology Inc.

“Our programmers worked closely with BISim developers to ensure the physics models were fine tuned to work within VBS3.”

(Join USSOCOM and NDIA for the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) and Exhibition. Courtesy of SOFIC and YouTube)

“VBS3 and TerraTools together with PARASIM gives the U.S. military and Special Operations Forces around the world another powerful way to leverage the versatility of virtual training,” said Pete Morrison, Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ Co-CEO and Chief Product Officer.

“Through the integration of VBS3, PARASIM becomes fully compatible with the US Army Games for Training Program of Record and provides support for large area, geo-specific databases built using TerraTools.”

See demonstrations of PARASIM at System Technology Inc.’s booth #1550 during SOFIC 2017 in Tampa at the Tampa Convention Center from May 15 -18.

Image courtesy of PARASIM
Image courtesy of PARASIM

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