Pentagon to Hire 100 Pentagon Police Officers

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) intends to fill 100 police officer positions in 2016.  PFPA is the security and law enforcement agency for the Pentagon and other Department of Defense (DoD) facilities in the National Capital Region (NCR).

“As an iconic symbol of America’s military power, the Pentagon is an attractive target.  Our geographic location presents unique security challenges, and PFPA must continually address new and emerging threats.  We need to recruit the best and the brightest because we expect the most from our police officers,” says Director Steven E. Calvery.

The Pentagon Police Directorate performs a 24/7 law enforcement mission at the Pentagon Reservation and other DoD facilities in the NCR.  Some of their responsibilities include: vehicle and foot patrols, vehicle and pedestrian traffic control, responding to suspicious activities, crimes, security alarms, emergencies, medical incidents, and motor vehicle accidents.

“Our officers must be self-motivated and understand the importance of their mission – and they must take the steps necessary to do the job that they’ve taken an oath to do,” says Pentagon Police Chief James Ballard. “An officer must recognize that law enforcement is not just a job, and it’s not just a career.  It’s a commitment and way of life.”

Employees with at least one year of experience as sworn PFPA police officers will be eligible to apply for a variety of other law enforcement positions within the Agency, such as K-9 officers, evidence and court liaison officers, emergency response team members, special agents, criminal investigators, and recruiters.

Open job announcements for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency police officer positions are posted on  To view the current police officer job opening, visit:

PFPA is a civilian Defense Agency within the Department of Defense charged with protecting and safeguarding the occupants, visitors, and infrastructure of the Pentagon and other DoD facilities in the National Capital Region. For more information, visit