Pivot3 to Support More Cameras at Lower Cost in Surveil Environments

Optimized to strengthen ingest rates, which supports longer video retention and streamlines scalability, Pivot3 customers can now support more than 500 cameras per node, and more than 10,000 cameras per rack.

Pivot3, a technology leader in hyperconverged infrastructure performance and Winner in the ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, has released the company’s latest edition of video surveillance solution – which accelerates performance and increases density to support more cameras per node and lower costs.

By expanding the number of supported video streams, Pivot3 is boosting video ingest rates by 66% to significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX for customers deploying video surveillance infrastructure.

Pivot3 is targeting customers that need to capture, protect and mobilize the massive amounts of data generated by today’s big data, security and IoT applications.

(Pivot3 delivers the most comprehensive IT infrastructure solution to power the modern security and surveillance ecosystem. Courtesy of Pivot3 and YouTube)

Optimized to strengthen ingest rates, which supports longer video retention and streamlines scalability, Pivot3 customers can now support more than 500 cameras per node, and more than 10,000 cameras per rack.

Designed for demanding workloads, Pivot3 aggregates storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources from multiple servers into a single unified platform that delivers high performance levels and efficient capacity utilization.

Charleston International Airport
Charleston International Airport recently marked the completion of an ambitious $200M upgrade project to modernize and expand the facility to meet increased passenger demand, which jumped nearly 70% since 2010.

“As Charleston International Airport continues to expand our video surveillance network, system performance, reliability and scalability are of critical importance,” said Ira Campbell, director of IT and security, Charleston International Airport.

“Pivot3 delivers the performance necessary to support our evolving video requirements while providing robust protection of our security and video data.”

“Additionally, Pivot3’s ability to allow us to consolidate our broader IT infrastructure onto its appliances delivers significant benefits including cost savings and greater efficiencies.”

(As video surveillance becomes an integral part of the global economy, businesses increasingly require IT solutions that not only address liability and security threats, but also provide a solid foundation for the analytics and operational intelligence essential to success. Courtesy of Pivot3 and YouTube)

As video data demand continue to increase and use cases expand, ensuring video is both protected and secured is critical.

System failures must be avoided to reduce the opportunity for organizational risks, vulnerabilities and operational interruptions.

Pivot3 incorporates extreme resiliency and high availability to boost system recovery and reduce the risk of data loss.

In addition, as part of the company’s commitment to supporting the latest industry platforms, the surveillance series will run on the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, optimized to support the most high-demand applications, driving even faster performance and higher scale.

Brandon Reich, General Manager, Surveillance, Pivot3
Brandon Reich, General Manager, Surveillance, Pivot3

“As a leader in the surveillance market, we continue to invest in advancements that will solve our customers’ most complex challenges,” said Brandon Reich, surveillance practice leader, Pivot3.

“The newest release of the Pivot3 software platform, which delivers best-in-class video performance, resiliency and availability, is another step toward expanding how users leverage Pivot3 for mission-critical video, security and business applications.”

As Pivot3 continues to innovate with highly differentiated products and industry-leading technology, it also continues to post record growth numbers.

In 2017, Pivot3 increased its sales pipeline by more than 250 percent from Q3 to Q4 and increased penetration into large enterprise and Fortune 1000 companies with nearly 60 percent of annual revenue coming from that customer segment, which included expansion in video surveillance use cases, and smart and safe city deployments with multiple $1 million+ deals.

Visit the Pivot3 at ISC West in Las Vegas at booth #26071 to see the solution in action.

Pivot3 provides easy to use and efficient solutions which deliver intelligence and automation to simplify multi-cloud environments.

Pivot3 logoBuilt on hyperconverged infrastructure, Pivot3’s advanced intelligence engine combines policy-based management, inference and orchestration capabilities, and industry-leading performance to automate management, resource allocation, workload mobility and data placement across hybrid cloud environments so IT can focus on delivering the applications and services that power your business.

With more than 2,500 customers in 54 countries, and over 18,000 deployments in healthcare, government, transportation, security, entertainment, education, gaming, retail and more, Pivot3 is defining the future of autonomous cloud computing with smarter infrastructure solutions.