President Trump’s VA Cabinet Pick “SHOCK & STRAW”?

In a recent interview with Aaron Shapiro, Admiral Ed Straw shares his thoughts on the Veterans Administration.

When asked about the Veterans Affairs problems in long delays and cost overruns and his “solutions” Shapiro asked, “Why you?”

Straw: “BTDT….Been There, Done That,” adding – “Accountability is job One.

“I have zero learning curve, zero tolerance for status quo.  My defense logistics agency and private sector track records prove an immediate execution and success curve,” said Straw.

Shapiro: What is your Straw Doctrine and why is it named WE CARE?”

Straw: “I worked for Joint Chief Chairman Colin Powell, the Powell Doctrine is about shock and awe.  Overwhelming force with overwhelming speed.”

“It is an acronym for:

WHAT – Personnel /processes are the problem

EXAMINE – Gap analysis & timeline

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS – Architect these

AUTOMATE – Accelerate re-engineer, logistics and scheduling, using technology to increase speed and decrease errors

REDUCE RISK – Both in health care treatment, and protecting cybersecurity HIPPA data down to the kilobyte

ECONOMIC VALUE – Tens of millions TO TENS OF BILLIONS annually with a much higher level of service- faster “time to benefit.””

Straw went on to say, “The VA pharmaceutical medical supply contracting system is ancient and abominable. ”

“They employ 3000 people to manage billions in annual inventory requirements while the Defense Logistics Agency employs 300 to manage the military inventories with greater complexity.”

“DLA has recommended the VA leverage their system to no avail.  This factually saves tens of millions and is supported by a recent Boston Consulting Group study.”

Admiral Straw as Director of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in the ’90s, saved billions in taxpayer dollars with best private sector supply chain practices to the DOD.

Two words facilitated this. YOU’RE FIRED!

Replacing ineffective civilian leaders with senior military leaders or promoting far better civilians to senior leadership positions.

(Learn More about recent VA scandals. Courtesy of CNN and YouTube)

Admiral Straw led the defense management reviews in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, saving $28 billion.

Then, as a team leader in the Vice Chief of Naval Operations-commissioned study of Navy-wide logistics programs, saving another $10 billion between Fiscal Years 1991 and 1997.

Admiral Straw observed unjust treatment of Navy Veterans who served on ships during the Vietnam War and have died or are dying from Agent Orange related diseases.

He battled VA leaders to comply with the Agent Orange Act of 1991 and restore disability benefits and medical treatment to these Navy Veterans.

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