Pro-Vision BODYCAM BC-300 with SecuraMax in ‘ASTORS’ Awards

Pro-Vision Video Systems is delighted to announce that their BODYCAM® BC-300 with SecuraMax™, has been nominated to compete in the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program.

With the class-leading features and rugged, reliable design of our BODYCAM BC-300 body-worn camera combined with the simplicity and unmatched security features of our SecuraMax video management solution, Pro-Vision’s BC-300 is an exceptional choice and strong candidate to win the category of Best Body Worn Video Product (w/ Storage Management Solution).

50% more coverage than other brands, BODYCAM® offers a super-wide 150° field-of-view, ensuring crucial details aren't missed.
50% more coverage than other brands, BODYCAM® offers a super-wide 150° field-of-view, ensuring crucial details aren’t missed.

The BC-300 is designed to provide a super-wide 150-degree field-of-view, offering up to 50 percent more coverage than other body-worn cameras.

It features selectable night vision that utilizes built-in high-intensity infrared illuminators that record a clear view in any lighting condition, with the ability to manually or automatically activate night vision when needed.

In addition to HD video, the BC-300 also captures 34MP still photos and high-fidelity audio clips with the press of a single button as an all-in-one tool in the field.

Record a clear view in any lighting condition with built-in, high-intensity infrared illuminators configurable to be manually or automatically activated.
Record a clear view in any lighting condition with built-in, high-intensity infrared illuminators configurable to be manually or automatically activated.

From recording video and audio to capturing still photos, the one-touch recording feature results in a discreet visual LED indicator that lets the operator know the camera is in use, eliminating concerns of crucial evidence being missed because an individual couldn’t tell if their camera is recording or not.

When law enforcement and security personnel need to see every detail, our BC-300 provides the crucial details other body-worn cameras miss.

Another key differentiator that makes our BC-300 the best product in this category is our industry-leading Pre-Event Recording feature.

The BC-300 ensures crucial moments are not missed with Pre-Event Recording that captures HD video of events occurring before a recording is manually activated, offering more than 60 seconds of buffering time even when recording in high definition.

Other brands can only provide that kind of buffering time in standard definition.

Combining that feature with the BC-300’s configurable Post-Event Recording feature that captures events after the recording is manually stopped, the BC-300 ensures vital evidence isn’t missed, even if a recording wasn’t manually activated.

With more and more stories in the media concerning incidents where body-worn camera footage wasn’t captured because of the operator forgetting to hit record, the Pre and Post-Event Recording Features designed in the BC-300 help protect law enforcement and security personnel and the public alike by providing the full details of what happened before and after a recording is activated.

While the innovative recording features of the BC-300 set it apart from the competition, the rugged, reliable design of the camera is also a huge part of what makes it so special.

Law enforcement and security personnel work long, grueling hours in a field that doesn’t allow for breaks to recharge a camera.

That’s why we designed the battery in the BC-300 to last up to 12 hours on a single charge, even when recording HD-quality video, to ensure the BC-300 can handle a full shift.

The BC-300 is constructed with flame-retardant polycarbonate ABS and lightweight TPU85 to offer incredible durability, meeting military specifications and tested to withstand drops over 10 feet.

It also features a MIL-STD-810G military-grade design and an IP68 waterproof rating to deliver reliable performance in the toughest of conditions.

For added security, the BC-300 is designed to ensure data integrity and user accountability with internal, non-removable data storage to eliminate concerns of storage removal and tampering.

Add in the fact that our BC-300 is priced less 50 percent than other body-worn cameras and it’s easy to see why the BC-300 is the most Reliable, Simple and Affordable™ body-worn camera on the market.

(Learn More about the Pro-Vision Law Enforcement Product Line. Courtesy of Pro-Vision Video Systems and YouTube)

The BC-300 by itself is a strong competitor to win this category, but the added benefits of pairing a BC-300 with SecuraMax, their digital video management solution, further sets Pro-Vision apart from the competition.

SecuraMax™ by Pro-Vision, the Most Reliable, Simple, Secure, Evidence Management Solution

SecuraMax by PRO-VISION is designed to answer data management challenges with a secure, automated, turn-key digital management solution that will handle the influx of video evidence data and bypass the growing pains of integrating new technology.

SecuraMax is a CJIS-compliant digital evidence management platform backed by our security partnership with Microsoft®.

At the end of a shift, video data automatically transfers from the BC-300s through docking stations to SecuraMax, all without having to manually remove a storage device and wait for files to upload.

SecuraMax provides ultimate file security by encrypting files through the transfer and storage process, with evidence data being stored and managed in SecuraMax while maintaining evidence chain of custody through autonomous audit trails and usage reports.

Once files are uploaded to SecuraMax, the software makes it easier than ever organize, locate and share files by allowing users to add and edit metadata to files such as file descriptions, case identifiers and more.

Using the simple search functions, users can then watch, download and securely share files within the viewing tool in SecuraMax.

For added flexibly, SecuraMax™ also features unlimited cloud-based plans, in addition to a self-hosted option, to provide ultimate data management flexibility for organizations of any size or IT infrastructure.

With the option to have an unlimited data plan, organizations can eliminate the potential data overage fees associated with limited data plans, making costs more predictable.

Pro-Vision BODYCAM® BC-300 with SecuraMax™ in 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

The 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, is organized to recognize the most distinguished vendors of Physical, IT, Port Security, Law Enforcement, First Responders, (Fire, EMT, Military, Support Services Vets, SBA, Medical Tech) as well as the Federal, State, County and Municipal Government Agencies – to acknowledge their outstanding efforts to ‘Keep our Nation Secure, One City at a Time.’

As an ‘ASTORS’ competitor, Pro-Vision’s BODYCAM® BC-300 with SecuraMax™ will be competing against the Industry’s Leading Providers of Body Worn Video Products (with Storage Management Solutions).

American Security Today will be holding the 2017 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Luncheon at 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m, Wednesday, November 15th at ISC East, the Northeast’s largest security industry event, in the Jacob Javits Exhibition Center in New York City.

At ISC East you will have the chance to meet with technical reps from over 225 leading brands in the security industry, allowing you to find out about new products and stay ahead of the competition.

Encompassing everything from Video Surveillance and Access Control to Smart Home Technologies and Unmanned Security, you’re sure to find products and services that will benefit your company and clients.

ASTORS HSA 2017Good luck to Pro-Vision on becoming a Winner of the 2017 American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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