PRYME Expands to Better Serve Customers Across America

The last several years have seen many changes and much growth in the communications industry, from FirstNet’s NPSBN to the emergence of PoC. 

The demand for unique solutions has spurred a measurable uptick in sales, while simultaneously creating a need for more comprehensive service capabilities.

ASTOR platinumPryme, the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Platinum Winner for Best Mobile Technology Accessory Device, has been customer-responsive since day one. 

Whether custom engineering communications accessories for unique scenarios in a wide range of markets or spearheading new technologies for the ever-evolving mobile world, Pryme’s product designs are almost always motivated by user-inspired necessity. 

Above all else, the unwavering mission has been focused on one thing—customer satisfaction.

Dave George, engineer and President of Pryme
Industry thought-leader Dave George, engineer and President of Pryme, holds over 35 patents and has invented multiple award-winning products.

To that end, Indianapolis will now be home to Pryme’s newest Distribution Center facility, whose primary purpose is to cut delivery times in half and provide two and even one-day delivery to over 30 states throughout the central U.S. and east coast. 

 “We are very excited about the direction the communications industry is going and are working to ensure we have the infrastructure to continue staying ahead of the curve,” explains Dave George, President and Chief Engineer at Pryme Radio Products.

At the same time, Pryme opened an additional sales office in Las Vegas to better support all customers, which will be headed up by Regional Sales Manager, Dinah Hanson. 

Moreover, Pryme announced the addition of a second regional sales manager, John Mendoza, who will manage the Midwest territory from another new location in Phoenix. 

BTH-300 Kit
Pryme’s Award Winning BTH-300-KU Bluetooth Microphone Kit, in 8 different versions all with built-in wireless PTT

Mendoza has an extensive background in the LMR field, which compliments the long history of wireless and cellular experience Hanson brings to the table. 

Meanwhile, Lee Cohen will remain at Pryme’s Brea, California corporate headquarters and continue to lend his 14 plus years of product expertise to all sales managers and customers.

The goal of Pryme’s expansion efforts is to continue providing unmatched customer service to back up its leading-edge product technologies, no matter which direction communications goes.

Pryme Radio Products is headquartered in Brea, California and has been a leading manufacturer of high quality products for professional users of mobile communications for over 30 years.

PRYME also offers industrial strength wireless accessories for virtually every two-way radio brand and model as well as most PoC application versions, including ESChat, AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk, Kodiak, Wave, Verizon PTT Plus and Zello.

Pryme Radio Products

Additionally, PRYME’S products have received many honors, including TMCNet’s Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year, The ASTORS Homeland Security Platinum Award, and The Communications Solution Product of the Year twice over.

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