Quantum Technology Integrates with Milestone XProtect VMS (Learn More)

Quantum Technology Sciences Vector Series intrusion detection system has been integrated for Milestone video management software (VMS) users using XProtect 2017.

Quantum Technology Sciences and Milestone Systems, both recognized industry leaders and Winners of 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards, utilizes Quantum’s Vector intrusion detection capabilities, directly integrated into the Milestone VMS XProtect Alarm Manager console to:

  • Detect and classify threats beyond line-of-sight to include pedestrians, vehicles and gunshots
  • Provide advanced alert messaging
  • Initiate deterrence devices
  • Slew cameras to the point of the intrusion

(See demonstration, Courtesy of Quantum Technology Sciences and YouTube)

Video Overview

  • The primary image is the Quantum System Monitor interface. This can be displayed independently or integrated into existing graphical user interfaces for video/access control/PSIM architecture.
  • The top right side of the screen shows the view from a simple PTZ camera covering the site. Vector will slew the camera during this demonstration to show the potential targets of interest when they come into view.
  • The bottom right shows a simple GPS tracker each demo participant is wearing. This will serve as the ground truth for the demonstration. You’ll note a delay between this screen and the video screen typical of transmit/receive variances in those technologies.
  • The blue dot in the Northwest corner of the lower screen begins to approach the asset. For the purpose of this demonstration, let’s use the large circle in the center of the screen as the asset.

Available for new customers, or as a seamless upgrade without a software update required from Quantum, simple integration eases installation or upgrading from 2016 R3 editions:

It uses the existing configuration files to easily upgrade with limited configuration changes to minimize any gaps in security awareness during the transition.

Quantum Technology Sciences Vector Series

Vector Series is the first and only security solution capable of using a single concealed sensor to detect and automatically classify potential threats on land, underground, in the air and in the water.


Quantum Vector Power grid Resilience Map

It overcomes the limitations of traditional line-of-sight or fence shaker detection systems and can simultaneously cue active non-lethal deterrent devices and PTZ cameras towards the incoming threat, long before they can be seen.

Adding gunshots to the classification suite of pedestrians, vehicles and digging allows Vector Series to consolidate several sensor technologies into a single solution.

Previously, multiple technologies were required to accomplish and improve the effectiveness of XProtect Smart Client or Alarm Manager solutions and to create qualified information to efficiently detect, deter and react to threats.

Key features

  • Detects and classifies pedestrians, vehicles, digging, gunshots, boats and aircrafts, sending alerts to the Milestone event handler
  • Overcomes line-of-sight inhibitors that restrict other sensors camera systems
  • Completely clandestine – the sensors are buried and cannot be detected

With this integrated XProtect Smart Client enhancement, Quantum’s Vector Series perimeter intrusion detection system detects, classifies and alerts to threats beyond line-of-sight to include pedestrians, vehicles and gunshots.

Milestone Systems XProtect Smart Client - Powerful surveillance that is easy to use
Milestone Systems XProtect Smart Client – Powerful surveillance that is easy to use

Milestone Systems XProtect Smart Client

XProtect Smart Client is a powerful, easy-to-use client application for a surveillance installation’s daily operations.

Its streamlined interface provides intuitive and powerful functions to manage any Milestone installation regardless of its size.

XProtect Smart Client provides an efficient working environment that can be optimized for different tasks and operator requirements.

Advanced investigation tools combined with an easy-to-navigate video timeline enable users to examine incidents quickly and accurately. Sophisticated export options, including the Storyboard feature, consolidate relevant video evidence for a complete overview of incidents.

“The power of Vector series lies in its ability to detect and classify intrusion without visual line of sight,” explains Kevin Mikalsen, Director of Product Marketing, Quantum Technology Sciences, Inc.

Kevin Mikalsen, director of product marketing, with Quantum Technology Sciences, Inc.
Kevin Mikalsen, director of product marketing, with Quantum Technology Sciences, Inc.

“With integrations to trusted VMS solutions such as Milestone XProtect, we’re excited to be driving earlier warning with actionable intelligence, where threats can be identified and more effectively deterred or neutralized before doing harm.”

The Vector Series alert communications are XML messages, which minimize network bandwidth demands.

The system can message to enable cameras to be slewed and begin recording only when there is an event – lessening the network traffic and storage requirements of the data feeds.

Milestone SystemsFlexible integration with XProtect partner community members enables a tightly integrated and more proactive deterrence-based approach to security.

Available for Milestone’s Advanced VMS products XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert, Quantum’s Vector Series will be a featured technology pod with Milestone at the ASIS International 63rd Annual Conference, booth # 3945.