Raytheon Supports NOAA Toolkit Critical to Hurricane Warning (Video)

Raytheon will continue its support for NOAA’s Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System program that ingests and analyzes weather data, creating useful visualizations for forecasters and distributing time-sensitive weather statements such as watches and warnings across the United States.

Since 2005, Raytheon has been a trusted partner in the AWIPS weather enterprise, providing low-risk operations, maintenance and continuous innovation.

AWIPS enables forecasters to make weather predictions that can ultimately save lives.

It’s a complex network of systems that ingest and integrate meteorological, hydrological, satellite and radar data.

(From satellite instruments to ground stations, watch how Raytheon collects environmental intelligence. Courtesy of Raytheon and YouTube)

Forecasters at more than 130 NWS offices across the nation use the capabilities of AWIPS to make increasingly accurate weather predictions and to dispense rapid, highly reliable warnings and advisories.

Under the $269 million contract, Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services business will provide operations and maintenance services, hardware, software, communications, and architecture improvement services for AWIPS to the National Weather Service.

AWIPS Infographic (Courtesy of Raytheon)
Courtesy of Raytheon

AWIPS Capabilities Include:

  • Scalable from laptops to servers, enabling forecasters to work on location with emergency responders
  • Data from all kinds of sources, such as weather radars and environmental satellites orbiting in space
  • Highest resolution available from each sensor – enabling precision forecasts
  • Open-source software enables low-cost maintenance, stability, and most importantly, continuous improvement to forecast accuracy and timeliness
  • A variety of data types are processed in real time, allowing video game-like visualizations and interaction
  • Maps display and re-project nearly instantaneously, with seamless scrolling and zooming
  • Automated text generation allows weather statements — such as watches and warnings — to be issued rapidly to help protect lives and safeguard property
Matt Gilligan, vice president of Raytheon Navigation and Environmental Solutions

“The AWIPS program provides meteorologists the tools they need to generate forecasts that save lives and protect property,” said Matthew Gilligan, vice president of Navigation and Environmental Solutions at Raytheon.

“This system is used every hour of every day and is especially important this hurricane season.”

Over the last decade, Raytheon has partnered with NOAA and the National Weather Service to operate and upgrade the 24×7 AWIPS system used by more than 140 National Weather Service field offices.

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