Robotic Warfare Sys to Keep Soldiers Safe in Battle (See in Combat)

Milrem, a defense solutions provider, is developing smart unmanned ground vehicles with concepts of how to use them on the modern battlefield as adaptive systems to minimize dangerous risks to warfighters.

Milrem plans to launch the joint product efforts with KONGSBERG and QinetiQ North America this week.

Milrem has developed the first fully modular unmanned ground vehicle with a hybrid diesel-electric drive, the THeMIS. This open architecture system may be configured mission-specific as required to be used in various combat roles.

(She joint product of Milrem and ST Kinetics in action with the Estonian Defence Forces.

Weaponized unmanned ground vehicles are aiming at the battlefield

With a 1:1 high payload of 750 kg / 1650 lbs., THeMIS may also be equipped with a remote weapon station with embedded target detection and acquisition systems to provide fire support.

A remotely operated robotic fire support and force protection system has been developed with leading military innovators KONGSBERG and QinetiQ North America (QNA) and is being introduced at the Ground Robotics Capabilities Exhibition & Conference 2017 (GRCCE) this week.

This joint effort features the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle, the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station, and QNA’s UGV control systems.

(A Kongsberg Protech Protector Dual remote weapon system demonstrating traverse, elevation & depression (shown here with dummy 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns, the Protector Dual can also accept the Javelin anti-armour missile on the right-hand side.) Courtesy of Defence Technology Review Magazine and YouTube)

“This is a great opportunity to collaborate with such an esteemed company as KONGSBERG and continue our cooperation with QNA,” explained Kuldar Vaarsi, CEO of Milrem.

Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem
Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem

“Integration of this remote weapon station is another example of how easily the THeMIS can be configured for different applications.”

“These various applications form a system of robotic warfare capabilities.”

Last October the companies introduced the Titan UGV for dismounted troop support that features the THeMIS UGV with QNA’s UGV control technology – the Tactical Robot Controller (TRC) and Robotic Appliqué Kit (RAK). This vehicle will also be displayed at GRCCE.

In parallel, Milrem is developing technologies for military forces to enable how unmanned ground systems may be used in combat as an efficient and powerful manned-unmanned teaming system that reduces battlefield risks to warfighters.

The end results of this program, known as Digital Infantry Battlefield Solution (DIBS) will result in recommendations for military doctrine in order to effectively use the capability of robotic systems.

(During the next dozen years smart unmanned ground systems (UGS) will start to replace soldiers on the battlefield, concludes a study published by the Estonian defense solutions provider Milrem together with esteemed academics from several countries. Courtesy of Milrem and YouTube)

Milrem logoMilrem is an Estonian technology solutions provider.

The company’s key business areas include the research and development of unmanned vehicles and life cycle management for heavy military vehicles.