RSA Netwitness Suite in AST Homeland Security Awards

Most log-centric SIEMs struggle to provide the scale, detective, investigative and analytic capability to deliver against the security needs of today.

They can’t spot today’s attacks, and are too slow in the event of an incident.

RSA NetWitness Suite changes the game by:

  • Monitoring a broader set of attack vectors and provide users with a deeper understanding of an attack for rapid and effective response
  • Applying advanced technology created to quickly analyze, prioritize, and investigate threats in less time, diminishing impact on the business
  • Supporting a full range of security operations management – including monitoring, alert and incident handling, breach analysis and response, event correlation and posture assessment
  • Reporting on and prove compliance to 3rd party and internal regulations

(RSA’s threat detection and response solution, RSA NetWitness Suite, enables the fastest, most comprehensive response to advanced attacks. Community threat intelligence and behavioral analytics offer the quickest detection and deepest understanding of the full scope of an attack to contain and eradicate threats. Courtesy of RSA and YouTube)

RSA’s flexible, modular approach provides the only solution to combine threat detection analytics and event monitoring, investigation, and threat intelligence across network traffic, endpoints and other security event and log data sources.

RSA NetWitness Suite provides a true understanding of the behaviors of users, applications, IT infrastructure, endpoints, and networks to identify and respond to threats before damage is done.

  • Fastest Capture/Analysis of Security Telemetry: Full network packets, logs, endpoint data and threat intelligence are captured, parsed, and quickly analyzed to provide maximum visibility and accelerate threat detection. All with unified taxonomy.
  • High-Powered Analytics/Malware Identification: Sophisticated, automated detection of anomalies based on behavior – not signatures.
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence: Intelligence from industry research, crowed sourced from our customer base and the organization’s own data is aggregated and operationalized at ingestion, to help detect the unknowns that are indicators of compromises.
  • Fastest Investigations: The intuitive interface enables rapid investigation of anomalies that have been detected by RSA NetWitness or other systems by bringing in additional context.
  • Business Context for Threats: Prioritization of threats and allocation of resources based on vulnerability, risk and business priorities.

(RSA’s Amy Blackshaw provides an overview of new RSA NetWitness Suite enhancements, including Hunter Packs. Courtesy of RSA and YouTube)

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RSA helps more than 30,000 customers around the world take command of their security posture by partnering to build and implement business-driven security strategies.

With RSA’s award-winning cybersecurity solutions, organizations can effectively detect and respond to advanced attacks; manage user identities and access; and reduce business risk, fraud and cybercrime.

Good luck to RSA Netwitness Suite on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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