Runnels County Sheriff’s Office & Winters PD Join COPsync Network

The Runnels County Sheriff’s Office and the Winters Police Department have joined the COPsync law enforcement real-time information sharing and communication Network™.

The COPsync Network connects law enforcement agencies so they can share mission-critical information and communicate in real-time. This helps protect citizens from violence and domestic terrorism.

Carl Squyres, Sheriff of Runnels County
Carl Squyres, Sheriff of Runnels County

Community and officer security are increased with advance warnings of dangerous people and real-time notification of crimes in progress.

COPsync’s systems can save minutes when seconds count, save lives and protect citizens and communities.

“Part of my campaign platform was to improve the technology of the Sheriff’s Office,” said newly elected Sheriff of Runnels County, Carl Squyres.

“I believe that the COPsync Network is the best way to provide instant information to assist in apprehending criminals and interdicting criminal behavior. This helps keep officers and the community safer.”

COPsync was recently instrumental in doing just that, in two separate incidents.

The Junction, TX, Police Department used the COPsync Network, to aid in the identification and rescue of a missing teenager. Additionally, the system was used by Meridian, MS, police officers to identify and arrest two North Carolina murder suspects.

Paula Geyer, Interim Police Chief for the Winters Police Department
Paula Geyer, Interim Police Chief for the Winters Police Department

Paula Geyer, Interim Police Chief for the Winters Police Department, said, “We are excited to join the other Runnels County law enforcement agencies on the COPsync Network.”

“Information and intelligence sharing, real-time location data of officers, and direct contact with other units in the county are just a few of the many advantages that will be enjoyed by law enforcement across Runnels County.”

“We congratulate Runnels County for having the Sheriff’s Office and the city police departments on the COPsync Network,” commented Mr. Ronald A. Woessner, CEO of COPsync.

“Connecting law enforcement agencies to the COPsync Network real-time communication and information-sharing system helps protect law enforcement officers and America’s communities from criminals.”

“The COPsync Network also fulfills the federal government’s objective and the FirstNet objective to connect US first responders to a common communications platform.”

COPsyncCOPsync, is a technology company that connects law enforcement officers across the nation, so they can communicate and share mission-critical non-adjudicated information in real-time.

This saves officers’ lives and keeps the public safer; helps law enforcement officers catch criminals and stop child kidnappings, vehicle thefts, bank robberies and other crimes in progress; and arms the nation’s law enforcement officers with needed information so they can help defend against terrorism.