S5 PTZ Security Robot Wins Leading Industry Awards (See in Action)

SMP Robotics new S5 Security Robot was presented at ISC East by a master distributor Make Em Move Robotics and has won two categories: Tech Tank and Featured New Product Contest.

“More and more businesses are interested in taking security into their own hands by investing in robots that can patrol streets, parking lots, and schools,” said Thomas Kaps, Director of Make Em Move Robotics.

“SMP Robotics team works tirelessly to innovate and bring to market cutting-edge automated security solutions and help companies lower their security costs while improving safety and reliability.”

(See in Action! Courtesy of SMP Robotics and YouTube)

“It’s an honor to be named the best high-tech product of the show and the best new security product of the year,” continued Kaps.

“We appreciate ISC East attendees’ interest in S5 security robot. These awards prove that robotic security guards will be an integral part of enterprise and government security programs in the nearest future.”

The S5 is the world’s first commercial outdoor security robot that can function in various terrain conditions: road, off-road, grass and gravel. The strong surface grip allows the robots to surmount level differences, bumps and ditches.


The robot can operate in all types of weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, smoke, etc.), with temperatures ranging from -4F to 100F.

The S5 robots are equipped with a PTZ camera and can record, store, send and stream video as well as zoom in and recognize a human at distances of up to 330 feet.

Pan and Tilt (rapid mechanical pointing and panning) function allows for rapid mechanical pointing to ensure reliable tracking of a moving object.

An authorized remote user is able to change the robot’s patrolling route, control its PTZ camera, and switch on the alarm signal on the robot. The user interface software allows several mobile robots to be managed while operating within the same secured site.

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SMP Robotics Corporation is a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots. Headquartered in California, the company has offices in Europe and Asia. SMP Robotics started to design robots in 2009 and remains a strong player in the space.

Today, the company offers more than a dozen models of robots for various purposes, has its own assembly plant, research and development center and large distribution network. SMP Robotics holds more than ten patents in the field of mobile robotics.