Say Hello to NYC’s Sexiest Civil Servants

New York’s finest aren’t limited to the police department, as these fit city employees prove.

After a Jan. 29 Post photo shoot with Samantha Sepulveda — the Long Island cop who’s also a lingerie model — steamed things up, we set out in search of even more hot civil servants.

New York, you did not let us down.

Say hello to some of the government workers keeping our streets safe and sexy:

The subway conductor

Glenn Ford (Image Credit: Annie Wermeil)
Glenn Ford (Image Credit: Annie Wermeil)

This guy is stopping straphangers in their tracks.

“I’ve had women come up to my [subway] car and give me their number,” said Glenn Ford, a 33-year-old MTA conductor from Brighton Beach.

“I’ve never picked up anyone at work, since I had a girlfriend.” But get ready, ladies: “I’m newly single.”

Ford — who works the numbered subway lines (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) — joined the MTA in December 2016. And while he dons a baggy uniform for his day job, the 5-foot-11 Brooklynite moonlights as a personal trainer and posts shirtless photos of himself on his Instagram account, @fordfitness.

The firefighter

Jennifer Quinones (Image Credit: Courtesy of FDNY)
Jennifer Quinones (Image Credit: Courtesy of FDNY)

She may not comment on her dating life but this firefighter does cop to being the frequent object of male attention.

Jennifer Quinones, who is stationed with Engine 286 in Ridgewood, says men are always asking her to rescue them. No doubt they’re drawn to the Queens resident’s pretty smile, gorgeous thick hair and strong physique — honed by a killer fitness routine. To graduate from the FDNY’s Fire Academy, she needed to run a mile and a half in under 12 minutes.

“[People] don’t assume women can be firefighters,” Quinones, 35, said. “I want to show them that we come in different sizes.”

The eight-year veteran says it’s not the fawning male fans that make her job great, but rather the relationships she’s built with her fellow firefighters.

“They’ve become a second family. They’re there for you at your best and your worst.”

The NYCHA plumber

Michael Iglesia (Image Credit: Stefano Giovannini)
Michael Iglesia (Image Credit: Stefano Giovannini)

New Yorkers love having this guy fix their broken pipes.

Michael Iglesia, an employee of the New York City Housing Authority for about four years, has received more than stellar reviews for his handyman skills.

“When we complete a job, tenants sign a form,” said the 32-year-old, who lives in Arden Heights.

“Some will write their [phone] numbers and say, ‘Call me.’ ”

He’s never done it, however, since he is happily married to wife Alicia. The two have a daughter, Michaela, who’s 8 months.

When it comes to staying fit, Iglesia doesn’t even have to hit the gym.

“My job keeps me in shape,” he said. “I’m lifting heavy pipes and stuff.”

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