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Securiport Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services provide a comprehensive security package that includes expert systems and support services for immigration processing, passenger biometric recognition, and intelligent information management and reporting for criminal profiling and the detection of persons of interest.

The Securiport system is both compatible and complementary with any of the client’s existing systems.

Securiport evaluates all current technology and performs all integration work required for its compatibility and reutilization.


Specifically, The Integrated Immigration Control System (IICS) is a component of Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services, providing all the hardware and software required to process arriving and departing passengers.

Its main functions include:

Immigration Processing

  • Fast arrival/departure processing
  • Automated immigration gates
  • Multimodal biometric identification
  • Smart passport scanners
  • Forged/lost/stolen
  • Passport recognition
  • Criminal-profile matches
  • Watch-list checks
  • Interpol checks
  • Encrypted database management
  • Intelligent information reports
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
  • Integrated Control Room

Passport Processing

  • High-resolution passport and ID-card scanners
  • Accurate data capture and storage
  • Data extraction from smart chips
  • Printed and electronic data comparison
  • Document verification
  • Forged passport identification
  • (ICAO Standard)
  • Lost/stolen passport recognition (Interpol link)
  • Document and visa expiration checks

Watch-List Management

  • Real-time watch-list checks on every passenger
  • Detect wanted persons attempting to enter or leave the country
  • Create, import and maintain wanted-persons records
  • Demographic and biometric data of wanted persons
  • Data imported from multiple government databases.


  • Provides all systems for online connection with Interpol headquarters
  • Real-time Interpol watch-list checks on every passenger
  • Real-time checks with Interpol database of stolen and lost travel documents

(Dr. Attila Freska, Securiport’s Chief Operating Officer speaks with Interpol World TV on Border Management and solving the international security challenges of our globalized world. Courtesy of Securiport and YouTube)

Securiport LLC provides leading-edge technology and expertise to assist governments in the areas of airport, passenger, and civil aviation security, in preventing criminals from crossing their borders undetected, and in uncovering transnational criminal activities.

To this end, Securiport assembled an eclectic team of professionals who conceived and developed a comprehensive service that provides technical and financial solutions to the governments who opt to strengthen their capabilities in these and in other areas of state security.

Securiport logoSecuriport’s technical solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs and requirements, and are then installed, maintained and upgraded throughout the life of the service contracts.

Securiport trains government personnel to operate the systems and provides continuous, on-site, round-the-clock technical support, and finances the installation, maintenance, and operation of its systems and services under multiyear build-maintain-transfer agreements.

Good luck to Securiport on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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