Senior Firearms Instructor William Petty Teams Up with Propper (Video)

Propper International is proud to announce a partnership with senior firearms instructor William Petty as a new brand ambassador.

“This is a terrific new opportunity for both Petty and Propper as we continue to build on our commitment to the law enforcement and tactical training communities,” said John Negrau, Propper’s Director of E-Commerce.

“Petty’s years of experience as an instructor and a member of law enforcement speak volumes about his commitment to the best gear for the best training. He has been a Propper guy for a long time, and we’re excited to be partnering with him.”

Petty began his law enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. While there, he served as a Firearms Instructor, an Emergency Response Team member, and was also a member of the department’s shooting team.

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In 2011, Petty relocated to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where he worked as a Counter Terrorism Instructor with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority. He is now the National Director of Law Enforcement Training for 88 Tactical.

“I’ve worn Propper’s STL pants for a long time on and off the range and love them,” Petty said.

“They have a ton of solid products at reasonable prices. It’s great to be partnered with a company that has the long heritage and commitment to top notch manufacturing that Propper has.”

Petty is currently assigned to patrol and serves as his department’s Range Master and primary Instructor. He is a Texas Tactical Police Officer’s Association Instructor and adjunct for several Regional Police Academies.

As the National Director of Law Enforcement Training for 88 Tactical, William plays a key role in developing our cutting edge LE/MIL curriculum, and teaching it around the world.

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Making tactical gear with a purpose has been a way of life for Propper, since their U.S. Navy contract in 1967.

Today, Propper designs and manufactures tactical clothing and gear that keeps military, law enforcement, and public safety professionals protected whether they’re in the service, on the job, or off for the weekend.