Shooter Detection Systems Selected by Fortune 500 Companies (Video)

Seven Fortune 500 Corporations with headquarters in Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Texas have chosen Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the world’s most widely installed indoor gunshot detection technology, as their active shooter detection system of choice.

Each of these customers have expansion plans to install the system at additional corporate office locations and facilities nationwide over the next three years.

“We’re concerned that if an active shooter enters our two million square foot facility and my security staff is either in the line of fire or not in the incident area, any delay in our ability to react and contact law enforcement could lead to devastating consequences,” said one Security Director at a Fortune 500 corporation of their decision to implement the Guardian system.

(Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System acts on real-time gunshot detection and alerting protocols, reducing response time and saving lives in the event of an active shooter incident. Courtesy of SDS and YouTube)

“We chose the SDS solution because we will get notified instantly, our existing security technology protocols will go off automatically, and we will be able to react from within.”

“Gunshot detection has become extremely relevant to our customer base that includes municipalities, K-12 schools, universities, court systems, convention centers, manufacturing plants, and several Fortune 500 corporations,” said Christian Connors, SDS CEO.

“Organizations of all sizes, from elementary schools to large corporations, have some type of Active Shooter Response Protocol such as ALICE® or Run-Hide-Fight as a part of their emergency preparedness plan.”

“They see our zero false alert gunshot detection system as the missing piece to initiate these protocols.”

For Fortune 500 corporations, the Guardian’s immediate gunshot notification feature is of enormous value.

“Key stakeholders are extremely aware of the negative impact an active shooter can have not only on their employees but also on their brand identity and their business continuity,” said Connors.

How it Works

Once a weapon has been fired, two key events instantly occur: An infrared flash and an acoustic bang.
(Image Credit: SDS)
(Image Credit: SDS)

The Guardian sensors both “see” and “hear” those events, process the information and declare a shot alert with certainty to the user.

The customizable software embedded in the Guardian solution monitors the Guardian sensors and provides audio and visually relevant alerts, as well as SMS and email notifications for shot alerts and system maintenance warnings to building occupants, emergency personnel and/or local law enforcement.

The Guardian solution was designed to connect to existing client security panel via relay output interface.

Integration with third-party security systems was paramount to the development of the system.

Guardian was designed to be compatible with current security systems, closed circuit surveillance cameras and automated alerting systems.

Through its unique hardware design, Guardian can be installed into your existing building infrastructure through a flush wall-mount configuration or in a ceiling structure. The system configuration is fully scalable to the area of coverage desired.

Guardian removes the “human factor” so that nothing is left to interpretation and costly delays can be avoided.

(Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System made national news when featured in a TODAY Show exclusive on how to survive an office shooting. Courtesy of Shooter Detection Systems and YouTube)

“We have integrated our system with access control and mass notification systems to manage where the shooter can move, as well as immediately and continuously updating employees and stakeholders with the shooter’s location to significantly mitigate the active shooter threat.”

Viewed to be equal in importance to building safety as fire alarms, the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System has proven to be the industry’s premier solution for accurately detecting gunshots and providing precise location information to first responders and security professionals within a second of the first shot.

Based on the proven, military-grade capabilities of its sensors, its success during trials, its zero false alert history, and its inherent ease of integration, Guardian offers the most widely installed and accurate gunshot detection system available in the market.

Shooter Detection Systems, is the world leader in indoor gunshot detection technology.

Shooter Detection Systems

Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Raytheon, SDS’ gunshot detection systems utilize the most advanced and proven shooter detection technologies available in the commercial market.

SDS is focused on saving lives through the use of proven, military grade technology designed by the world’s foremost scientists.

The company’s technology is currently deployed in schools, Fortune 500 corporations, municipal buildings, court systems, major utilities, manufacturing plants, high-rise office buildings, with upcoming installations in airports, financial institutions, hospitals and government and private buildings.