SlimLane EP Optical Turnstile in AST Homeland Security Awards (Video)

SlimLane EP, a Compelling Product Offering for Greater Modularity
SlimLane EP, a Compelling Product Offering for Greater Modularity

Automatic Systems, the world leader in the automation of secure entrance control equipment for vehicle and pedestrian access, introduces the SlimLane EP security lane optical turnstile.

The SlimLane EP is an enhancement to the popular SlimLane optical turnstile which consists of extended end posts allowing for multiple peripheral integration opportunities.

It offers superior ability to integrate multiple card reader and various technologies due to the wider cabinet pedestals and large reader window option.

The enhanced possibilities include elevator destination dispatch screens, multiple card readers, visitor management systems, biometrics and Qscan-T cell phone bar codes.

The basic SlimLane is already unique for its small footprint, UL2593 certification, and 5 million MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure) rating. This new EP version adds the additional integration options which are often required for architectural front lobby access control design solutions.

(Take a Peek at the Vast Array of Options that the SlimLane EP Turnstile Offers, courtesy of Automatic Systems America and YouTube)

The SlimLane EP has a variety of glass barrier heights available ranging from 35” to 72” so it can accommodate various levels of security needs.

The higher glass availability allows SlimLane to meet the strict security demands of many government and corporate security specifiers, consultant/engineers, and clients.

A combination of elevated computing power and a high density matrix of IR (infrared) beams guarantees superior tailgate detection with SlimLane EP, consistent with other barrier optical turnstile products by Automatic Systems.

The SlimLane EP, as with the entire range of SlimLane swing door optical turnstiles, combines high speed bi-directional throughput with the highest reliability, security, and most footprint flexibility of any barrier type optical turnstile.

Available in narrow or (ADA) wide lane versions and single or double swing doors in 24V or 120V power configuration, SlimLane is already a unique for being the most versatile swinging glass optical turnstile. SlimLane products offer a 5 year warranty program since 2015.

(SlimLane EP Features Introduced at ISC West 2016, courtesy of Automatic Systems and YouTube)

The unique “Secure Egress” mode prevents forced entry attempts through mechanical locking of the barrier obstacles while still allowing emergency egress at any time, and SlimLane is the only lane of its kind to offer such a feature.

SlimLane offers IP network connectivity and an optional server and touchscreen system for control, monitoring, management and diagnostics.

Automatic Systems America is the only manufacturer to offer UL2593 on its entire range of swinging glass obstacles turnstiles, including the new SlimLane EP.


SlimLane EP – Summary of Unique Features:

  • Slim and flexible footprint
  • Extended Posts with with wide windows for integration of multiple peripherals
  • UL 2593 certified for electrical and mechanical safety
  • Variety of glass heights up to 72”
  • 5 million MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure)
  • Standard 5 Year Warranty
  • Secure Egress Mode prevents force entry attempts by mechanical locking but always allows emergency egress

Good luck to Automatic Systems America on becoming a Winner of the 2016 American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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