Somerset County Jail Installs SDI Body Scanner (See in Action – Video)

The Somerset County Jail in Madison, ME, is the first county correctional facility in Maine to install a body scanner.

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office has conducted more than 1,000 scans to date, significantly reducing the amount of contraband being brought into the facility, while greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Sheriff Dale P. Lancaster
Sheriff Dale P. Lancaster

“We are very pleased with the effects the B-SCAN has had on safety and security for both staff and inmates,” said Sheriff Dale P. Lancaster of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

“The body scanner has detected multiple occurrences of drugs and weapons concealed internally and has greatly reduced the cost previously spent to watch inmates in dry cells.”

“From procurement through installation and training, Access Control System (Smiths Detection authorized distributor in the Northeast) and Smiths Detection provided the expertise and oversight necessary to ensure our success with this project.”

Smiths Detection Inc.’s B-SCAN, a transmission X-ray body scanner, is a major deterrent in helping correctional facilities keep drugs and other contraband out.

(Learn about the technologies which can check prison inmates, visitors and prison cells for drugs, and illicit items. Courtesy of Smiths Detection and YouTube)

It can detect concealed contraband that has been ingested, hidden in body cavities, or beneath clothing, greatly reducing the need for manual searches.

This system is easy to integrate into an existing checkpoint and requires minimal training to operate. It is also backed by Smiths Detection’s 24/7/365 technical support call center. There are hundreds of B-SCAN systems deployed around the world, largely in correctional facilities.

(See the Smith’s Detection B-Scan in Action. Courtesy of Smiths Detection and YouTube)

Somerset County Jail is also the first agency internationally to receive Smiths’ Enhanced Image Evaluation training and has opted to implement a “Train the Trainer” program, allowing selected staff to train other staff thus saving time and money in the future.

“Somerset County is a pioneer in the State of Maine,” said Dan Gelston, President of SDI.

“They were the first to install a B-SCAN body scanner to help enhance the safety of their staff and inmate population and serve as a role model to other counties in the state.”

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“We continue to work with organizations to help them implement our world-class technology to meet their requirements of increasing security and improving safety.”

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