Soteria Develops AI-Powered Counter-Terrorism Solution (Learn More)

Soteria Intelligence is excited that after four years of research and development the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform aimed at combating terrorism has come to life.

Additionally, AI-powered social media intelligence solutions for brand reputation management and public relations are now available.

Soteria Intelligence set out to build revolutionary technologies with the power to counter evil by using a blend of machine learning, including image recognition and language processing, as well as proprietary historical data, algorithms, input from subject-matter experts, and more.

The robust platform is one of many announcements the company will be making in the near future.

(Social media has become the Wild West with threats being posted left and right, but fortunately there’s a new Sheriff in town. In this video, the Founder and CEO of Soteria Intelligence, Aaron Schoenberger, discusses what exactly social media threat assessment is and why it’s so important in the world today. Courtesy of Soteria Intelligence and YouTube)

“A big focus for us was to approach counter-terrorism by looking at what people actually say or do that could be cause for concern instead of relying on basic metrics, such as combinations of keywords or simple searches that often result in profiling based on race, color, religion, etc.,” stated Aaron Schoenberger, Founder and CEO of Soteria Intelligence.

Aaron Schoenberger, Founder and CEO of Soteria Intelligence
Aaron Schoenberger, Founder and CEO of Soteria Intelligence

The company realized AI was the only way to solve a big data problem of this kind, and to do so in an effective, non-biased manner with the ultimate goal of saving lives – all lives.

Soteria Intelligence has also used its social media expertise and artificial intelligence capabilities to create solutions specifically geared towards extracting actionable intelligence from social networks, which will empower organizations.

Use cases range from detecting/countering emerging PR catastrophes to threats on social media that can disrupt operations, damage brand reputation or affect stock prices.

By tapping AI, Soteria Intelligence is able to cut through the noise, find needles in digital haystacks, and eliminate false positives, thus providing truly intelligent insights.

For example, having the ability to automatically tell the difference between “I am going to bomb X after this croissant” versus “I had a bomb croissant at X.” Similar words, totally different meanings.

Soteria IntelligenceSoteria Intelligence is a social media analytics and artificial intelligence company based in Los Angeles, California that’s comprised of industry-recognized social media experts, technology pioneers, and retired personnel from both local and federal law enforcement agencies.