SSH Launches PrivX, Access Mgt at the Speed of Cloud (See Video)

SSH Communications Security is launching PrivX On-Demand Access Manager, the first step in SSH’s ambitious program to disrupt privileged access and identity management.

SSH has re-architected cloud access management, enabling enterprises to instantly reap the business benefits of the cloud and DevOps for faster time-to-market, increased agility and lower costs.

(PrivX On-Demand Access Manager for controlling privileged access in the cloud. Courtesy of SSH Communications Security and YouTube)

As a “keyless” on-demand solution, PrivX On-Demand Access Manager solves one of the biggest concerns of CIOs and CISOs: managing the virtually limitless number of privileged access credentials in enterprise networks without sacrificing security and compliance.

By reinventing how enterprises enable, secure and monitor their internal and third-party privileged access, PrivX On-Demand Access Manager validates, authorizes and provisions user access just in time, based on roles and entitlements.

This helps customers overcome the shortcomings of traditional privileged access management and fully leverage the power of elastic cloud environments.

PrivX On-Demand Access Manager includes the following key innovations and benefits:

Access at the speed of cloud:

  • One-time-only server configuration and provisioning for instant granting of access assures security at cloud scale and digital transformation at full business velocity.

Adaptive, role-based access control:

  • Non-disruptive and non-blocking for the quickest deployment in the industry without the need for complex credential vaulting or rotation.

Minimized attack surface:

  • On-demand, single-use credentials eliminate vulnerable credential storage.
  • Built-in compliance standards ensure constant compliance with industry frameworks.


  • Zero-friction deployment without modifications to existing systems.
  • The cloud-first, legacy-friendly architecture ensures business flow with support for cloud, hybrid and legacy on-premises environments.
Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH Communications Security
Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH Communications Security

“The rapid growth of the data economy creates a need for faster and wider access to key digital assets,” said Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO, SSH Communications Security.

“Increasing cyberthreats and tightening regulations mandate more secure access management.”

“According to Forbes, 49 percent of businesses are delaying cloud deployment due to cybersecurity. In 1995, we solved a key early internet security problem by creating the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol.”

“With PrivX On-Demand Access Manager, we are changing the game for the cloud and DevOps era.”

Rueben Rodriguez, Sr.
Rueben Rodriguez, Sr. Director, Global Marketing, SSH Communications Security

“Traditional privileged access solutions are based on storing credentials in vaults or directories, which requires constant work to fetch, rotate and revoke those credentials on endpoints,” added Rueben Rodriguez, Sr. Director, Global Marketing, SSH Communications Security.

“Furthermore, traditional solutions do not properly scale in the cloud.”

“PrivX On-Demand Access Manager solves these problems by introducing a trust model based on just-in-time provisioning of role-based credentials, valid for only a short time and automatically trusted by the endpoints.”

Benefits of PrivX On-Demand Access Manager

  • Get privileged access management deployed much faster and at lower cost and risk.
  • Scale to cloud services while getting the same benefits with legacy infrastructure.
  • Avoid the complicated and problem-prone password rotation and password vaulting deployments and their maintenance.
  • Avoid multi-year consulting projects just to deploy the product. Instead, deploy in days or weeks, even in large environments.
  • Have happier and more productive employees.

In the end, PrivX On-Demand Access Manager is simply faster, cheaper, and easier. And future-proof.

Courtesy of SSH Communications Security
Courtesy of SSH Communications Security

Why You Should Care

Bridge the gap from legacy to future, without the traditional hassles of yesterday’s PAM offerings. Organizations must still implement and deploy privileged access management for several reasons:

  • Most cybercrime is perpetrated by insiders.
  • Hackers routinely gain access and infiltrate organizations by obtaining privileged credentials.
  • Monitoring and analytics are critical for detecting breaches.
  • Regulatory compliance and cybersecurity best practice mandate controlling privileged access.

SSH Communications

SSH Communications Security is a leading provider of enterprise cybersecurity solutions that monitor, control and automate trusted access to critical data.

The company’s long track record of innovation includes Secure Shell (SSH) – one of the world’s most widely used network security protocols.