Sydor Receives $150K Grant from DTRA

Mark Katafiaz, General Manager, Sydor Instruments
Mark Katafiaz, General Manager, Sydor Instruments

Sydor Instruments has been awarded a $150,000 SBIR Phase I grant from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). This grant from the DTRA is the first for Sydor Instruments from an agency within the U.S. Department of Defense.

Sydor Instruments will use this grant in collaboration with Cornell University to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a high energy x-ray detector, called the Keck-PAD fast-framing hybrid x-ray pixel array detector, to meet immediate and future detector needs for the emerging applications in the study of fast irreversible processes.

Sydor Instruments Irreversible processes or “single shot” experiments are challenging since they require detectors that can obtain a succession of x-ray images within the time frame of the process in question. The limitations of current technology have raised the need for the Keck-PAD which will be capable of sampling at MHz rates, will have single x-ray sensitivity, high dynamic range/pixel/frame and high efficiencies at high x-ray energies.

“We are very pleased with being awarded this SBIR Phase I grant and would like to thank Cornell University for its partnership and collaboration during this process. The Keck-PAD provides an ideal platform for the development of a high energy x-ray detector to address the limitations of current technology and the emerging needs in the study of fast irreversible processes in fields such as material processing under extreme conditions, material failure analysis and fuels spray analysis.

Sydor Instruments logoThis grant reinforces the importance of this advanced technology in helping to further the DTRA’s unique focus of countering threats posed by weapons of mass destruction and high-yield explosives,” stated Mark Katafiaz, General Manager, Sydor Instruments.